There are three History topics throughout the school year; one in the second half half of every term. Each of these topics will be taught as a focused History week where there will be lots of research and writing opportunities following on from the exploring and enquiry of various artefacts. In previous years, children have also been able involved in making and testing foods, re-enacting dances, designing their own replicas of artefacts and creating drama productions of key events to immerse them in their learning.
Our Autumn topics will be:
  • Year 1: Toys, toys everywhere! (Toys belonging to grandparents and their own)
  • Year 2: Fire! Fire! (The great fire of London)
  • Year 3: Scavengers and settlers. (Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages)
  • Year 4: The Victorians.
  • Year 5: Battling Britain.
  • Year 6: The Egyptians.
The following link is a great tool for home and at school to develop History skills
  • Choose an artefact and make it full screen.
  • Talk about its features; what does it look like, what patterns are there, any colours, what about textures?
  • Where do you think it came from?
  • What might it have been used for and why do you think that?
  • Read some of the background information and discover the real reasons!
Even if your guess was completely wrong, that's fine! It's all about exploring History, making observations and drawing conclusions.
Stone Age Man
With History week kicking off next week, and the Year 3 topic being all about the Stone Age through to the Iron age, they had a visitor come in to talk about the Stone Age. He brought some amazing artefacts with him like clothes, weapons, tools and instruments which they got to take a close look at. He also brought some authentic Stone Age food - bugs. Yes, they were soon nibbling away on ants and worms listening to some great stories.
Have a look at some of their pictures!
Year 5 - Causes and consequences of WWII
Year 5 looked in depth at the causes of WWII and the consequences, both short term and long term, of it. They found that things were not perhaps as simple as first thought and that the events leading up to the war were very complex and wide spread. 
Year 1 - Toys toys toys!
Year 1 were exploring all about toys, past and present. They started by asking their parents and grandparents what toys they played with when they were younger and why. They were also able to go on a trip to the museum to look at a range of toys from the past and even got to touch and hold a few!
The children saw some toys hadn't changed at all and were still played with today, but other toys that we have today are very different to those in the past. They didn't have iPads 40 years ago! Imagine that!
Year 4 - Victorians
Year 4's topic was all about the Victorians. They went on a trip to Quarry Bank Mill which, although not built in the Victorian times, was used extensively by them. It was particularly important during the industrial revolution to increase the supply of cotton to both England and the United Kingdom. They also discovered that it used to be powered by animals, then by water and later by steam power. This gave them a real insight to the change which occurred in England during the revolution and what a driving force it was to the industry sector.
Sadly, our Autumn History week has finished, but we all had a fun week and learnt so much!
Here are some quotes from the children:
Year 2
Dexter, "We learnt about firefighting in 1666 and what they used to put out fires."
Rueben, "We found out that the fire started from a small bakery and spread to the rest of London."
Year 3
Ada, "I liked learning about the Iron Age and learnt lots of things about how they lived."
May, "I also enjoyed learning about the Iron Age because it was fun using artefacts."
Year 4
Jack K, "I liked doing History because you learn lots of new things that you didn't know before."
Eve, I liked learning about the Victorians because you learnt about some decisions that they made and we went to Quarry Bank Mill."
Year 5
Lucas, "I liked doing things about World War II because I'm very interested in it."
Isabella, "I liked writing a diary of an evacuee. I found the World War topic very interesting."
Year 6
Molly, "I liked doing a timeline from 6000BC to 2000BC because it was fun to learn all the different civilisations and before and after Jesus was born."
James, "I learned that the ancient Egyptian's symbol for life was an ankh."