Dear Parents / Carers,

Thank you for your patience whilst the children are coming in and out of school at the moment. However, I am aware that at the start and end of the day large groups and crowds are gathering around school, this is a concern because despite the Covid guidance changing in school we are still trying to ensure social distancing, avoid crowds and masks are still being worn on school premises as explained in previous letters.

I am aware we have reduced the staggered start to 5 minutes but in order for us to safely stay with these times I respectfully ask that parents do not arrive before their allocated time, crowds must be avoided. Children should join their queue and parents should remain at a safe distance behind the safety tape at a safe distance from other adults. If the difficulties and concerns continue we will be forced to return to 10 minute staggered times.

Please Note: Covid has not gone away despite the changes in government guidance, currently there are over 200 positive cases in schools in Liverpool and in St Matthew’s we have a number of parents and children that have tested positive since returning to school. Moving forward I am sure you understand things may change over the coming days / weeks but at this point it is vital the following is adhered too:

• Parents please wait outside at allocated/ signed point until a member of staff indicates you enter the gates

• Parents will walk in onto the yard at the end of the day and pick up their child the line for their class.

• Parents must try to socially distance and wear a mask on school grounds

• No parents should stop on the yard or congregate with other parents, as soon as your child is in the line parents should follow the path out of the back entrance.

• This should help to avoid the queuing situation we had this morning and after school.

Other important reminders:
• The children should bring limited /small bags or any addition equipment to school
• Packed lunch should be in a box/lunch bag and they need to be washed / wiped daily.
• Children should not bring snacks into school to avoid cross contamination. School will be providing a snack for all children in the first instance.
• PE kits – children should come in their PE kits on the days they have PE – a letter will be sent to all children to confirm PE days.
• Please be aware mobile phones are not allowed in school as per the mobile phone policy which in on the website. It is vital that this policy is followed. If parents have any concerns with regards to children walking home alone please read the policy and contact the school office to provide further details

Finally, please try to be mindful of the current weather and ensure children have sun cream on before they come to school.
Thank you for your continued support
Mrs Sime
Head Teacher
Admissions - Reception Class - September 2020
If you have been offered a place at St. Matthew's please email the school office to accept or decline the offer.
If you have not been offered a place and would  like to appeal you should contact the Archdiocese directly.  It would be preferable if you could make your appeal electronically by using the link below.
 If this is possible then please contact the Archdiocese at LACE, Croxteth Drive, Liverpool, L17 1AA, 
0151-522 1000 to request manual appeals forms.
Please let us know which devices your child has access to for home learning.
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