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Hi to all our lovely Reception children! 


We hope you are keeping healthy and safe whilst you are off school. You have been given lots of work in your packs to keep you busy, but please look at the additional resources and links below to keep your brains active and stimulated at home. 

Remember to also keep practising your Phonics homework and learning your Tricky Words!


Love Miss McNally, Miss Connor and Miss Melville x



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Class Dojo daily activities!! All children have been provided with a QR code to log onto Class Dojo. Please download the app and check out the daily tasks that we are setting for the children. It is also a lovely way for the children and teachers to stay in touch as we will be responding to your work, drawings and videos each day. 

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Oxford Owl have lots of advice and activities to help your child continue building the skills and knowledge they need whilst schools are closed. They will be making more resources available over the coming weeks, so keep checking back. See the link below. You can also register on their website for access to lots of FREE ebooks! 


Phonics Play is free to use and the children love playing these games! 



BBC Bite size-English, Maths, Science and all aspects of the curriculum.



Maths Playground (Website)



Top Marks. (Website)



A range of English games and activities.



Listen to a book a day by Oliver Jeffer's



YouTube Videos:

Count to 100 everyday - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TgLtF3PMOc


Shake your sillies out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwT5oX_mqS0 


Freeze Dance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UcZWXvgMZE


Cosmic Kids Yoga - https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga




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Please read the booklets below to help prepare your child with moving to Year 1
BookTrust to host Pyjamarama tomorrow | News and Star
Put on your pyjamas and join in with the pyjamarama festival today Friday 1st May. There are famous authors, singing, dancing, games, puzzles and of course lots of reading (plus a great excuse to stay in our pyjamas). Don't forget to send photos on dojos.
Keeping your little ones active everyday is very important! 
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Joe Wicks has announced he will start online PE lessons to help keep children fit and healthy during the school shutdown. The UK-based fitness influencer, who is known as The Body Coach, will be holding free 30-minute classes every weekday to help children keep active during a live workout called 'PE with Joe'.


 Announcing the news on his Instagram page, where he has more than three million followers, Joe said: 'Starting from Monday, every single day from Monday to Friday, I'm going to do a live workout called "PE with Joe" on my YouTube channel The Body Coach TV. It's a workout specifically designed for kids. Because when the schools close, there is no PE. I'm going get your kids moving, fit and energised, positive and optimistic. 'It's a 30-minute session for little kids right up to secondary school, get involved, have fun. We're going to be doing loads of basic exercises. You don't need a lot of room.'


Follow the link below to his Youtube channel to join in with his fun exercise routines every day in order to stay fit and healthy!  

Baby zoo animals clipart kid 4 | Animais silvestres, Animais ...
Edinburgh Zoo have set up lots of live cameras around their zoo! You can visit their website to see the animals in their enclosures. Follow the link below: 
You can also check out their Youtube channel to see different videos of their animals. You can visit the Koala Bears, Pandas, Tigers and Rock Hopper Penguins! 
Or... you can visit San Diego Zoo in California, USA to see their live Zoo Cams! 
Chester Zoo also has over 50 amazing activities on all things animal, Science and conservation! Take a look below! There are some brilliant ideas! Chester Zoo Play is full of games too! The link is below! 
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 Fine Motor Skills  
As you know, we have been working hard since September on your child's pencil grip. Please continue to work on this whilst the children are off school. It is really important that they master this skill for Year 1. 
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Strengthening the muscles in children's fingers really support them with holding their pencil correctly and comfortably. Please see some of the activities below that can improve fine motor skills.
  • Pom Poms in general are small, needing small movements to grasp them, pick them up, and move them. They are fantastic material to work on hand eye coordination.
  • Buttons are also small items that work great in developing fine motor skills. Picking them up works those small muscles, But the true fine motor skills comes in the act of buttoning something up, that takes some amazing finger strength and hand eye coordination.
  • Paper Clips are great for finger movements and manipulation. Being able to slide the clip onto a piece of paper takes a lot of concentration for kids in preschool and kindergarten.
  • Clothespins are a fantastic material for building finger strength. We use them a lot in our learning activities that the kids absolutely love.
  • Rubber Bands also work on finger strength, but in the opposite way that most materials do. These are a fantastic addition to any fine motor activity!
  • Tweezers take a lot of hand eye coordination to be able to operate successfully and move an item from one place to another. Try it!
  • Pipe Cleaners can be used as a great tool for fine motor skills. They can be threaded and poked!
  • Straws can be used as beads, to thread onto something! But they also work great with play dough too.
  • Play Dough is fantastic for building those small muscles! Kneading, pushing and rolling the dough really helps!
  • Knobs and Screws (or Nuts and Bolts), any real tool from a toolbox is a hit for kids! These also take incredible hand eye coordination and concentration to be able to tighten and loosen.
  • Stickers are amazing! Have your child try to peel the stickers off the sticker sheet! If it’s tricky, you can remove the non-sticker part of the sheet and it’s still an amazing fine motor activity. And then placing the sticker on a paper also takes hand control.
  • Hole Punch are hard! Trust me, your child will need to work up to this amount of muscle strength in their hands before they’ll be able to successfully do this. So plan to help out, but give them the chance to try!
  • Syringes are so much fun for kids and have the added bonus of working those small muscles in their hands with control so they don’t squirt the liquid out too fast.
  • Eye Droppers are a fun way for kids to work on their pincer grasp. Suck it up and let it out!
  • Kitchen Tongs can be a great tool for working on hand strength and control. Bring them out during clean up time and I bet your child will be more willing to pick up their toys plus you get the added bonus of working on their fine motor skills.
  • Toothpicks are small and take a good pincer grasp to be able to hold it
Free Audio Books on Audible! 
Audible have got some fantastic children's books available for free!
Audible giving away hundreds of free children's books during ...
Click on the link below and start listening!
Mindfulness - Healthy Suffolk
There has been an online site developed for all children to access to promote well being and support mental health. There will be live streamed yoga classes, fitness & mindfulness. Please check it out using the link below.....
Yoga, Mindfulness and Relaxation for kids 
Cosmic Kids on Twitter: "Have you tried Time Out? It's one of our ...