25th September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,


We would like to invite you to look at our new Homework Policy on the school website.

Here you will see that the amount of homework that we are asking your child to cover within a week has not changed, however how this homework is set has.

As you will remember during lockdown we set a lot of work on Dojo’s. This turned out to be quite successful and it is for this reason that we would like to continue with this. You will also see that we are introducing a new platform, Google Classrooms. As a staff we are working on setting homework on both of these platforms.

Children will receive login details for Google Classrooms and will not access it at home until they are confident with using it at school. We are going to introduce this slowly but anticipate that this, together with Dojo’s, will be highly successful and extremely beneficial, especially for those children who may find themselves having to self-isolate in the future or in the case of a further lockdown.

As a school we have to prepare ourselves for remote learning and we believe that this is an ideal opportunity to start. You can also find our Remote Learning policy on the website for further details

Please take a few moments to read the policies and familiarise yourselves with the content.

As always, we appreciate the important part you play in your child’s home learning and the support you give to us with this. It is by working together that we can ensure that your child achieves their potential.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Evans

Deputy Head Teacher


School Contact Information - Out of Hours
Phone: 07704 364390

17th September 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you are well and managing to find some sort of routine at this odd time. I have been involved in a long meeting this morning with Public Health England and Liverpool City Council along with all the other head teachers from Liverpool. I am sure you can imagine that this meeting was very long and lots of items were discussed with regards to the current situation Liverpool is faced with the rising cases of Covid 19. It was clear from this meeting that Liverpool is almost certainly facing being put into a local lockdown of some sort imminently. I want to reassure you, if and when this does happen, school will remain open unless we are told otherwise. I have to say it is highly unlikely that school would close, other businesses will close first. The government are committed to keeping schools open.


Thank you to those parents who have followed the essential guidance issued from the City Council with regards to adults having to wear face masks at the beginning and end of the day. Can I respectfully remind you that it is essential, at this point, to try to ensure the safety of all. If parents can not wear masks because they are medically exempt you must ensure that you follow the additional control of ensuring you remain 2m away from all other parents and children at drop off and pick up times. Parents please be aware that you should not be standing chatting to the parents at the gate at these times. It is important that we do not have crowds or groups gathering.


I am also aware that some parents have contacted school or are concerned because they have been asked to pay for a variety of things at this point especially those families who have more than one child in school. I can only apologise that you received all of these letters for payments at the same time, it was purely bad timing on our part. Our office staff are working so hard at the moment, like they always do and simply did not realise the overlap in letters. I am aware of this and we completely understand the difficulties many of our families are faced with at this point.


If you have any concerns with regards to payments can you please contact the school office who can come to some suitable arrangement / agreement with you. To reassure you I do not want any child to miss out on snack because of a financial reason, please tell us and we can support you. Unfortunately, at this time it is not manageable for snacks to be paid for on a weekly basis. School at the moment is running cashless systems and this makes it difficult to take small payments that is why you may have been asked of a larger sum of money to cover a number of weeks / months.


We are currently looking at other systems that we can introduce that will help with making payments easier as soon. As a suitable system is in place we will share this information with you.


On another note I am aware things are much more difficult to chat to your child’s class teacher at the beginning and end of the day. If parents need to chat to class teachers for any reasons please email: or ring the school office rather than emailing the teacher directly. Messages will always be passed on and they will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. Failing that please email me at


Thank you for your support and cooperation at this difficult time, I know things are feeling very odd for us all at this point. It is important that we work together and follow all the necessary advice. At school we continue to follow all advice from the Local Authority and Public Health England.


Yours sincerely


Mrs C Sime 


16th September 2020




  • Parents when dropping off and collecting your child/ren, ensure that you are wearing a face mask. This is now mandatory  from Public Health Liverpool.


  •  For those parents exempt from wearing a face mask. When waiting outside school you need to be aware of your surrounding and stand at least 2m away from other parents and children.




  • Do not park outside school. Parents need to park their cars away from school and walk to school site. This is becoming a constant issue and parents need to be aware that this is a high risk for those parents waiting on the pavement for their child/ren to go into school.


Thank you all for your continued support.

15th September 2020
Please see email below that I have just received this morning from the local authority please be aware and try to ensure you follow this guidance.
Best Wishes
Mrs Sime
Essential use of face coverings
Dear Head teacher, levels of COVID-19 in Liverpool are high and increasing every day - we need to take urgent action.
It is now essential that parents and carers in Liverpool wear face coverings when collecting and dropping off their children at school.
All school staff should role model best practice by also wearing a face covering if supervising during collection or drop off.
Those who refuse or cannot wear face coverings should maintain social distancing of at least 2m from children and other parents/ carers.
We thank you in advance for ensuring greater levels of safety in your school and our communities.
Many thanks,
Matt Matthew Ashton
Director of Public Health
Forms Required - Returning Back to School
Parents could you please fill out and complete the below documents on your child's return back to school.
Please return your child's data collection sheet to school.
School Snack
School will be providing your child's snack each day. A letter will be sent out to parents/ carers next week once we can finalise this procedure.
Thank you for your continued support.