Dear Parents/Carers,


Re: Year 6 Leaving Celebrations


Unfortunately, at this difficult time there are lots of things that we would normally like to do for our Year 6 leavers that we can’t do.  However, this still should be a time for celebration.  With this in mind we have tried to put together a timetable of events that we hope all of the Year 6 children can join in with some way or another.


      Year 6 teachers will be organising a video with the children singing a song ‘High Hopes’ which will be put on the school website.  Children who are not attending at the moment will be given the option to send in either pictures of themselves or recordings of them singing. 


High hopes instructions:

  • Those children in school will be recorded singing along to High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco. For those children at home, we ask that they film a short video of themselves singing and dancing along to the chorus of the song;


Had to have high, high hopes for a living

Shooting for the stars when I couldn't make a killing

Didn't have a dime but I always had a vision

Always had high, high hopes


  • The funnier the dances the better! And if you really don't want to sing then a clip of you just dancing and generally having fun would be great!


  • Please note the song would need to be played on a separate device to the one you are recording with.


  • Once recorded please send your video clips to, if your video file is larger than 25MB you can upload the video file via Dropbox. Please see link below.


  • Videos must be sent over by Friday 3rd July to be included in the final video. Please note by sending your video clips you give permission for St Matthew's to post the completed video onto our school website.



      There will be a Year 6 leaver tab put on the website where the teachers will be able to place power points of photographic memories of the children. Please note if any parent does not want any images of their child to be used can you please complete the reply slip below and return it to school or telephone the school office


      The whole staff will be organising a ‘goodbye’ surprise for the children which we will upload to the website – information to follow with regards to this.


      There will be a ‘Zoom’ party containing class awards and prizes on Monday 13th July 4-5pm which children will be invited to attend.  Staff will be attending the party in the school hall. We will use the email address we have for you to send the zoom invite – please ensure we have the correct email address or if you would like us to use an alternative email address please contact the school office.


      Tuesday 14th July – children not attending school can call to collect a memento, gifts and to say goodbye to their teachers from a social distance.


We know that this is not what we wanted to do for our Year 6 this year but hopefully they will still feel like this is a special goodbye and an opportunity for us to wish them good luck as we send them on the next step of their journey.


Thank you for your continued support, stay safe


Mrs C Sime

Head Teacher

Please see letter below, for permission slip.