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Maths Mastery
The concept of teaching mathematics to mastery is to ensure that topics are well developed. Pupils will spend enough time to fully explore a concept before moving on to a different topic. As ideas are well formed they are reinforced by ample practice. New knowledge is then used on subsequent lessons so that all ideas build on top of each other and pupils have ample opportunity to develop relationships between the topics. Ideas are revisited in a spiral as pupils progress through the years, each time at a higher level. Singapore Maths is a primary school programme which is fully aligned to the new National Curriculum. Our school has adopted the Singapore curriculum in Years 1 to 6.
Children should be taking regular visits to the 'TT Rockstars'  website - they all have logins and codes, so no excuses! (from Year 2 onward)
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Singapore Maths
'Maths – No Problem!'
In St Matthew’s we believe that every child can master an understanding and love of maths with the right kind of teaching and support. Our mission is to further improve our standard of maths education by providing high quality textbooks, teaching resources and professional development based on the transformational teaching methods developed in Singapore. These methods emphasise the consistent use of visual representation to aid conceptual understanding. For instance, ‘bar models’ are used to represent the relative sizes of quantities and fractional parts.
What is Singapore Maths?
Students can under perform in mathematics because occasionally they might find it boring or they can't remember all the rules. The Singapore method of teaching mathematics develops pupils' mathematical ability and confidence without having to resort to memorising procedures to pass tests - making mathematics more engaging and interesting. Ofsted, the National Centre for Teaching Mathematics (NCETM), the Department for Education, and the National Curriculum Review Committee have all emphasised the methods of teaching used by Singapore, which can enable a person to discover or learn something for themselves.
Features of Singapore Maths:
An emphasis on problem solving and comprehension, allowing students to relate what they learn and to connect knowledge. 
Careful scaffolding of core abilities of  problems as images, as a platform for comprehension.
Mental strategies, to develop decision making abilities o recognising patterns, to support the ability to make connections and generalise.
Emphasis on the foundations for learning and not on the content itself so students learn to think mathematically as opposed to merely reciting formulas or procedures.
What our children have to say about maths
in St. Matthew's CPS:
'I like counting, multiplication and subtraction. My favourite piece of work was when we counted to 100'
'I love counting in 5's and 2's and 10's. I like the challenges that Miss gives me each day.'
'Counting with the counters is my favourite task. They help me to count without making any mistakes.'
'We use our counters to help us every day when put numbers into groups.'
'I like maths because you can be creative with your methods, and if working in your journal, you can use numbers, diagrams and sentences to make your explanations clearer. when you are using your workbooks it is harder and more challenging for your mind.'
'I like maths because you can do as many methods as you need and pick the one that works best for you. 
When working in the workbook, it is harder - there is not much space to work out and it is challenging.'
'I like Singapore Maths because every day there is a new challenge for you to do, and also I like to pull the equations and problems apart to fully understand the question.'
'It is hard work but I really enjoy it when we investigate our daily maths problem. I love working with my partner because we can help each other understand methods in different ways and that makes it easier.'
We have special books and equipment to investigate and explore our Singapore Maths challenges.
Around our school corridor displays, you will find signs like these below. They invite you to try and find maths links within other subjects such as art, geography, history etc. What links can you find?
Year 3 love working with money to solve maths problems!
They also know all about time...
...and have developed their knowledge of weight.
Year 1 - introducing our number bond experts!
Year 5 have been exploring addition...
.. and investigating squared and cubed numbers with their partners.
Some examples of our Maths displays/working walls 2019 - 2020
The boys and girls in year 5 are working through their topic of number and place value.
Year 3 have been looking at volume and capacity in their latest lessons.
Year 2 have been solving division problems...
...and subtraction too!
Year 4 like to use songs to help them remember how to round numbers.
They can also count up in sixths!
Year 2 are amazing at working out place value!
Maths in Year 6 Geography - comparing % of water usage in our homes.
We love our maths games in Reception class!
Reception children recognising, hearing and writing numbers.