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Welcome to our Modern Foreign Language page.
Here, you'll find out about all of the MFL things that we do at St. Matthew's including events we have done and things which are coming up.
At St Matthew's we are very proud to learn the world's most spoken language 'Mandarin'.
Around the world Mandarin is spoken by 800 million people. 
For years UK schools have taught Modern foreign languages to their children as part of the National Curriculum. Most schools teach European languages, however at St Matthew's we believe in providing our children with the skills and knowledge they will need for later life. The British council have reported that the most important language for children to learn for the country’s future is Mandarin. This is because they believe with brexit our links to China will become closer and Mandarin will soon become the language of business, which the children will need for future careers.
Mandarin will be taught to all children from reception through to year 6 every week on either a Tuesday or Wednesday. The lessons will be interactive, fun and engaging.
Please take a look at some of the exciting things that happen as part of our Mandarin learning.
Here are Year 1 learning their body parts in Mandarin. 
Here are Year 2 learning how to write their numbers to 9 using Pinyin.
Here are Year 3 learning and practising writing letters in Mandarin.
Here are Year 4 recapping on greetings, basic conversation skills and different food names. 
Year 5
Year 6


Children have been spending time in reviewing Mandarin greetings and learning to count numbers 1-10 in Mandarin. They loved the Mandarin number rap! Some children even recognise the numbers in Mandarin writing! Very impressive!

Year 1

Children have been learning all about family members. They have learned to say what family members they have; introducing their family members using “this is ….”in Mandarin; They also learned to say they love their family members in Mandarin. They loved the I Love My Family song in Mandarin and they sang beautifully in the last lesson!

Year 2

Children have been learning how to read and write Mandarin numbers. They enjoyed the Chinese character writing. They were all able to write numbers 1-10 in Chinese writing (the symbols)! All of them can read Mandarin number up to 20 and most of them were even able to read and say numbers up to 99 (all in Chinese character writing without any help from sounds)! I am very impressed with Year 2!

Year 3

Children have been learning to say and write body parts in Mandarin.  They really liked the Mandarin colour Rap for reviewing colours. They also learn to describe someone’s appearance with the help of wigs of different colours from other teachers! They enjoyed the Simon Says game! They knew the body parts so well that I could hardly catch them out! Great job!

Year 4

Children have been learning about days of the week, dates, and birthdays in Mandarin. These are all to do with numbers! So we revisited the Number Rap which the children loved. We talked about number formations in Mandarin to help children to understand bigger numbers. In the end, Children were all able to say the dates in Mandarin (this is hard as it is opposite of English dates) and understand their friends’ birthdays in Mandarin. Well done!

Year 5

Children have been learning about food and drink. They did their first ever Chinese character writing! They did it so well I didn’t know they have never done it before! I am very impressed with how much children can remember for all the things they learned at this half term. They learned some adjectives to describe food/drink. They were not only able to say and write what they like or don’t like, but also explain why or why not in Mandarin! This is very impressive!

Year 6

Children have been learning about transports. They were very good at their Chinese character writing! Most children enjoyed the game: “pass the parcel and say a sentence” about how you get to a place. Some can even say what sort of transport Firmino would take to get to the park! Impressive! They also learned some adjectives to describe transports. In the end, most of them were able to explain why they would take a certain type of transport by giving a reason in Mandarin.
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Year 1 singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas in Mandarin".
Children in year 3 and 4 enjoying Mandarin lessons with Mrs Ahern.
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5.7.17 - 7.7.17 - Chinese Student Visit
Over the last three days we have had a visit from 26 Chinese students from China. These children are all year six boys and girls and have travelled to England for 17 days. Over in China they had heard all about our school and wanted to come and see us.
We have had a lovely week and have made them all feel very welcome in our school and classes. Why they've been with us we have welcomed them into our classes and shown them normal lessons, we have played games, joined in with an after school drama session and had a celebration party with fish and chips. The children even helped our year 6 children get the set ready for our end of year 'Bugsy' performance and visited our church. What a fantastic week!
We hope they have all had a brilliant stay and wish them a safe flight back home.