St Matthew's Windsor Wildflower Garden

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Wildflower Meadow
We have received confirmation that our bid from Liverpool City has been accepted. This is what our fantastic new outdoor classroom looks like when the wildflowers are in full bloom. We are very grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a project. 
Signage for the Gardens
Have a look at our beautiful information boards that will be included at the site. The aim is to allow children and adults of all ages to learn about the plants and wildlife that are attracted by the wildflower meadow. Keep checking to find out when they will be fitted. We will be posting nature trail hunts too for you to find out about the site. 
Clearing up of Rubbish
Great news, the fly tipping at the site has been cleared by Liverpool City Council. What a big difference this makes. 
Incredible Edibles Scheme
A huge thank you to My Clubmoor who have kindly agreed to build one of these huge planters for us to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs at the Windsor Garden site. The children will be able to see the process from seed to the final (edible) result. A QR code will allow our children and the community to scan to find healthy recipes that include the produce from the planters. Installation due in the early New Year! 
Map and Directions to Windsor Gardens
Have a look of this map and directions from school to see where the Windsor Garden Site is. Don't worry, it's only a short walk from school!
A great Meeting at Windsor Gardens
St Matthew's met today with Tim Jeeves, our Ward Councillor for Clubmoor, a representative from Liverpool Street Scene and Parks and Gardens. Making plans for the future. Some exciting plans ahead for our outdoor learning classroom. 
Bucket School
Coming soon is Bucket School. Our children will be using their buckets as ways to hold their equipment and it doubles up as a bucket. Superb!