Pastoral Care


A Philosophy of Care at St Matthew’s, Mrs Grier is the Pastoral Care Manager at St Matthew's

St Matthew’s Primary School prides itself on giving bespoke pastoral care to all children and supporting their family values. We work together with parents and keep in regular contact with them to ensure our children have the opportunity to flourish.

What is Pastoral Care?

Pastoral Care is about looking after our children so they can lead fulfilling and balanced lives at school and beyond; it is about showing children how to look after themselves and others; it is about encouraging them to seek help or support or advice when they need it and it is about helping them to be ready to become fully fledged adults who are comfortable in their own skins when they leave school. Pastoral care underpins personal development; where there is outstanding pastoral care and students feel they belong and their self-esteem is able to grow because they feel valued.

Pastoral care begins with an underlying ethos of consideration and kindness and is promoted when the staff work collaboratively for the good of the children. If the ethos supports children’s personal and social development and where a culture of encouraging good behaviour and taking on responsibility exists, children can be given the opportunity to develop self-confidence to learn to keep things in perspective and to be resilient.

Pastoral Support in St Matthew's

All teachers, support staff and administration staff, in fact all adults who work at St Matthew's have their role to play in supporting children. If the adults take a proactive approach to children's welfare - helping them to stay safe and healthy, encouraging them to care for one another, showing them how they might contribute to School and the world beyond, teaching them to stand up for what is right and to voice their concerns when things are not - we will have a vibrant and enriching community life, from which we all benefit.

Pastoral Care Manager Roles & Responsibilities
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