"Through respect, we work together, in Christ, to develop the whole person."
Daily Prayer Time
Here are some lovely resources for you to pray everyday as a family.
Sunday Liturgy for Families
Whilst church is still closed here are some great resources to help you pray together as a family.
Daily Prayers for Home

At 7pm each evening, we invite you to join us in prayer. This means that the families of St Matthew’s can stay united through the days and months ahead.

Select an area in your home where you can pray in comfort. You may wish to light a candle.


Reflection in Church
Today we went to church to reflect on our Christmas and look at the crib scene. Father Dominic helped us to understand the reasons why the different people were there.
Justice and Peace Group
Justice and Peace group have been thinking about how we can reduce our school's carbon output. We have all taken on roles to make sure we turn the lights off in empty rooms and that computers are switched off over night.
Year 5 have been looking at how we can have meaningful friendships.
Other Faiths - Islam

During Other Faiths week we have been studying Islam. Year 5 were studying Eid and made some biscuits using a traditional Arabic recipe.

First Communions
Congratulations to all those children in Year 4 who made their First Holy Communions this week.
Father Dominic visits Year 3
Year 3 have been learning about Pentecost in RE. Although we found out lots of new things, there were some trickier questions we had remaining. Who better to ask than Fr Dominic who kindly spent the afternoon talking to us and answering any questions we had.
Radio Merseyside Easter Broadcast
Today we were visited by Radio Merseyside and we recorded some of our views on Easter for a show that will be broadcast on Easter Sunday morning.
Easter Assemblies
This week we have all taken a different part of the Easter story to retell in our assemblies. All the way through it is clear that all of the children have a good understanding of the Easter story and the true meaning of Easter.
With You Always
Year 4 started their First Communion preparations with a treasure hunt around the church.
Ash Wednesday
This week some Year 6 children helped to plan a service in church for Ash Wednesday to mark the start of Lent.
Nativity Performance

Today we celebrated our whole school nativity in church. Key Stage 1 provided all of the actors while Key Stage 2 were provided the musicians and dancers. Even the teachers helped out with parts of the narration. 

It was a wonderful experience for all and really made us think about the real meaning of Christmas.

Heaven Sent - Live Nativity
Prayer Group were invited to the 'Heaven Sent Live Nativity' in Kirkby this week.
We walked around Bethlehem and imagined what it would have been like for Mary and Joseph.
Other Faiths Week
This week we have enjoyed a visit from Jeremy who gave us some workshops about Judaism. He taught us all about different customs that Jewish people have as well as some of their celebrations and stories.
Archdiocese Day

This week, St John Bosco's Catholic feeder schools gathered together to celebrate our shared Catholic ethos. 250 Year 6 students and their teachers worked with St John Bosco Arts College staff looking at the theme of ‘Bread’. Children made alter cloths, prayer chains and a salt dough wheatsheaf symbolic of the bread of life. The day ended with a prayerful liturgy which celebrated the altar cloths, made earlier in the day. 

It was a fantastic spiritual day that was enjoyed by students and staff. 

Domestic Church Displays
Prayer Group - Where do I come from?
This week we have been talking about wehere we come from. These are some of our thoughts. We decidided that the 'Our Father' was a prayer that best reflects our answers.
Image result for where do we come from prayer
Mission Statement work in Year 6
Year 6 have been talking about how our school mission statement impacts on our daily lives.
Families in Year 4
Year 4 have been learning all about family trees in their topic 'People' We have a better understanding of Jesus' Family Tree and we know who Joseph's grandparents and even great grandparents were! We have enjoying finding out about how Abraham and Isaac trusted God to bless them with the gift of children. 
Prayer Group - What makes a house a home?
Heavenly Father, You are the God of peace and love and we pray that Your perfect peace would fill our hearts and our home and that Your gracious love would surround our family so that we may be united together in love – and one with You. 

Bind us together we pray and may Your joy unite us in sweet fellowship with one another and with You. Give us Your hope in our hearts and bless all who visit this home. 

Thank You for providing all that we need, according to Your riches in glory, and keep us from holding on too tightly to the material things of this world - knowing that You have prepared a heavenly home for all that are in the family of God. May Your blessing rest upon us and upon our home not only today but in the days to come, until You come to take us to be with Yourself, forever - in Jesus name we pray, 


Celebrating Hinduism in Key Stage 1 and 2!
Leading Collective Worship in Year 6!
Leading Collective Worship in Year 5!
Congartulations to year 4 on making their First Holy Communion!
Year 5 Come and See Assembly!
Deacon Ron visits to talk about being called to be a witness to God! Interview with Year 6.
Collective Worship Year 5!
Leading Collective Worship in Year 6
Interviewing Miss Mills about her role in the Church community!
Thoughts on being called by God in Year 4!
Ash Wednesday 2018
Easter role play Year 1
Enjoying leading Collective Worship in Key Stage 1!
Learning Bible Stories through drama in our after school Collective Worship club- 'Worship Warriors.'
Children in Year 2 enjoyed a visit to church where our trainee parish priest Peter explored the topic of signs and symbols in Baptism through role play.
Baptism role play Year 1!
We continued to celebrate our 'School of Sanctaury' satus with a 'hands of friendship' week. We explored the concept of friendship through a cross- curricular approach, this linked with our Judaism week! The children undertook many exciting tasks and had some wonderful interactions with friends in our school and parish community as well as our lovely visitors!
Year 6 class raps in oder to celebrate hands of friendship week.
We celebrated 'Other Faith' week learning about Judaism! We enjoyed workshops across both Key Stages with a visit from our Jewish freind Jeremy. While Year 3 enjoyed a visit to the local Synagogue to learn about a Jewish place of worship!
Archdiocese Day for Year 6 - A visit to St John Bosco
Here are some of our lovely RE displays from this term so far.