St Matthew's Winners of the SJB Science Fair- 2016, 2017 and now 2018
We are delighted to announce that the Year 5 Girls have won at the St John Bosco Science Fair. This means that St Matthew's have won this award for 3 year consecutively. It was a huge honour to win as the competition this year was outstanding and we competed agains other schools from across North Liverpool. The project was to investigate whether age and gender impacts upon the ability of a person to multi task.  The children successfully completed a ten minute presentation, demonstration of their practical, explanation of their results aswell as a 'grilling' about their experimental design from both adults and children. Well done girls, you have really made us proud!  
What the children say about Science 
"Science is my favourite subject, it is so fun because we get to work independently and work as a team to solve problems" Ruby, Year 5
" We get to do lots of fun experiments in science, I love being a crazy scientist" Joseph, Year 3
" I love doing science because we do experiments in groups and there is always a funny suprise" Jessica, Year 4
"My favourite part about science is that you get to learn about real life scientists and how they found out their theories". Molly, Year 6
"Science is so fun, we get to go outside and look for bugs and plants" Nancy, Year 2
Independence and Collaboration
At St Matthew's we believe passionately about developing children's independence, team work and collaboration in Science. Children work scientifically in mixed ability groups, each person has a purposeful role and work together to solve real life problems. By giving children this freedom to make mistakes and work together they can develop key working scientifically skills such as accuracy and precision. By continually questioning the experimental design, children are able to leave St Matthew's with a high level of critical and evaluative thinking which can be transferred to all areas of the curriculum.
Maths in Science 

Meet the Scientists

Don't miss out these interactive, hands-on science days for all the family! Come along and meet scientists from the University of Liverpool at Liverpool World Museum. Join in the many activities suitable for children of all ages, and there's plenty to do for adults too! All events are free to attend and no booking is required.

 Battle Station: Infection

10am - 4pm | 27 January 2018 | World Museum, William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 8EN

What are infectious diseases? And how do we fight them? Come and learn all about diseases and how they spread, and what we can all do in the battle against them.

Free Entry

No booking required. All welcome!


St Matthew's Catholic Primary School
Winners of the 2017 Primary Science Fair!
St Matthew's Catholic Primary School
Winners of the Science Fair Project 2016!
STEM Ambassadors
Our St Matthew's Ambassadors are getting ready for our Autumn 1 Science week. They prepare and organise resources for the whole school. At the moment they are sorting cicruit packs for year 4 and organising food packaging into foods high is protein, fat, sugar, salt, fibre and vitamins and minerals. Thanks girls, we really couldn't do it without you! 
Building towers
STEM club
Bug hunt!
STEM CLUB-Looking Closely at the body (Microscopy) 
Heart Dissection
Science Trip-Catalyst Museum
Which Kitchen Towel has the best Aborbency? Year 5 Investigate
All Science Ambassador applications need to be in my Wednesday 8th March. Results will be revealed on Friday 10th March. If you need a form, see Mrs Evans
Science Fair Project-Does the time spent playing video games affect memory and reaction times?
We can't give too much away as it is top secret! Results will follow...
Calculating the Carbon Content of Trees
In this week's STEM club, the children went to the local park to calculate the age and carbon content of a range of trees. Children measured the girth of the tree and used a calculation to calculate carbon content levels. They also classified tree types and looked at lichen levels to assess pollution levels within our area. We will submit these results to Leeds university and in return, a tree will be planted in Africa.  
STEM Club-Are you a super taster? 
Our first STEM club session was so much fun! The children worked to count the number of fungiform pipillae on their tongues.Children with 0-5 are categorised as non-tasters, 6-10 are tasters and 11+ are supertasters. Which one are you? 
Coming soon... The Big Bang North West.
St Matthew's Science Team will be attending!
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Manchester Science and Industry Museum 
Physics Boosters at St John Bosco 
Girls in Year 5 attended their final booster session at St John Bosco. The focus was 'light and shadows' which allowed the children to develop and apply their learning. They investigated the factors that affected the size and clarity of the shadow by changing the distance from the light source. What a great day!
Science Week Winners
Congratulations to the following children and classes:
Year 6M and 6B- Bubble Trouble Winners
Year 2R- Forensic Science Winners
Emmy Clarke (4P) - Best Science Project 
Who did it? Can we find the criminal of St Matthew's? Observe closely, you don't want to miss a thing!
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Breaking news!
There is a criminal at St Matthews! £1200 and a laptop has gone missing, the suspects are non other than... the teachers at school. Can you investigate and match up the : fingerprints, fibres, handwriting, liquid chromatography, footprints and blood to to the suspects. Don't let your suspicions deceive you, let the evidence guide you to the correct answer. Good Luck!
Gathering the Evidence
Children worked hard to work as forensic scientists and narrow down the suspects. Will they ever find out who did it? 
Evidence Hunt
After all of their hard work, children went around the school to find out who did it... It was Mr Edwards! What a shock!
Calling All Scientists! 
STEM club at St Matthews- See Mrs Evans for details
How can you investigate the age, height and gender of a skeleton?
Year 3 investigate...
Crazy Chemistry
Can we make water move from one cup to another without touching it? Year 2 investigate... 
How can we make ice cream without a freezer?
Science Week- October 2017
Year 5- Research project. How do we get day and night?
Modelling the Solar System- Explaining Galileo's Heliocenteic Theory
How can we use toilet rolls to calculate the relative distances of the planets within our Solar System? If 1 sheet = 20million km. How many would we need to show the dastance between Uranus and Neptune? (244)
Making Rockets
How does the fin length and shape affect the distance travelled? 
Pinhole experiment
How can we prove that light travels in straight lines? 
Creating A Periscope
Year 6 build a periscope to explain refraction of light and angles. 
Circuits, electrical conductors and insulators
Group roles-working collaboratively using role cards. 
St Matthew's are working hard to develop teamwork, cooperation and collaborative learning in Science. Children work in groups and are given a specific role such as:
  • Lab Technician- 
  • Lead Scientist
  • Experimenter
  • Co-Experimenter
  • These roles are changed each lesson so that all children are developing different scientific enquiry skills. 
How does the age of a child impact on heartrate and exercise ability? 
Year 2 investigates...
Science Booster at St John Bosco
Girls in year 5 had fun today dissecting a heart as part of the sceience booster sessions at St John Bosco. The children worked in groups to study the heart in detail, created detailed scientific drawings and learnt how structure and function are linked. This is the first of three sessions the girls will attend and aims to create learning at a greater depth for these learners. Fantastic!
How does the distance from the fulcrum impact on the ability to lift a heavy load?
Designing the hull of a ship
How does the shape of an object impact on water resistance?
Designing a shoe for James Bond. Friction Investigation
Making Circuits
Children were given a range of scenario cards to test. Which circuit will work? 
Help! My puppy has made a mess. Year 2 investigate...
Which soil is the best filter? Year 3 investigate.
Twang experiment.
How does the length of a ruler hanging over a table impact on pitch? 
How does the quantity of bicarbonate of soda impact on the amount of C02 produced? 
How does the temperature of a liquid impact on the solubility of salt? 
Year 5 girls have had their final science booster at St John Bosco. This session was based around 'light and shadows' and allowed them to create shadow puppets. They investigated how the shadow length and hieght changed as the distance from the light source increased or decreased. Finally, they tested the materials to determine whether they were transparent, transluscent or opaque. They discovered that as the light source moves further away, the height of the shadow decreases. 
Science Bossters at St John Bosco 
Science Fair Project 2018
Is music a brain boost or a brain drain? Year 5 Stemmetes investigate. Year 5 girls are competing at St John Bosco in June and are hoping to win for the third year. Wish us luck!