Student Leadership

Peer Mentors

The peer mentoring programme at St Matthew’s will be in action at lunch times. The Mentors have been matched to each class from Reception to Y5.  This will build special relationships with the children and their class mentor. The Mentors have had special training from Bully Buster on how to be a Mentor.

The peer mentors provide advice support and a listening ear for the children. The Mentors will also have a zone on the playground that that will do an activity for children to be involved with. They can also choose what activity they wish to take part in at Lunchtime.

The peer mentors will wear a Blue high- vis jacket that is labelled Mentor so that all children and visitors can identify the Mentors.

The mentors will also be monitoring behaviour and will be keeping playground logs for good and bad behaviour. The mentors will meet every Tuesday with Mrs Grier at Play time and will also go through incidents and ideas in order to achieve a safer and calmer environment for all the children at St Matthews at lunchtimes.


What will your Class Mentor Do


  • Provide advice and support on the Playground
  • Act as a role model to younger pupils
  • Create a relationship with pupils
  • Mentors can help with many different problems like school work, family problems, and pressures from others children or adults.


Different Types of Bullying


  • VERBAL = saying something to hurt someone
  • PHYSICAL = Hurting someone by using contact
  • CYBER = Using phones, computers, video or anything else that needs technology
  • INDIRECT = Ignoring someone, laughing at them, talking about them behind their back


Head Pupils
Information coming soon.
Information coming soon.