On this page, you will find relevant information about the Wellbeing Curriculum at St Matthew's.

A Message from Pope Francis 


How to make the world a better place to live


Have On Open And Generous Heart


Dear children, our hands are a symbol for our hearts and only open, generous hearts can change the world.  If you have a friend at school that you don’t like, don’t go and gossip about that person with others, because that shows you have a closed heart. If someone insults you, don’t insult them back, but try and change the world with small, every day, acts of generosity and solidarity. Jesus taught us to pray for our friends and our enemies.  

 Pope Francis

Pope Francis on facing challenges of the

coronavirus pandemic


"We need to rediscover the concreteness of small things, the small acts of kindness shown to those who are close to us, family, friends.

We need to realize that our treasure lies in small things.

There are tiny gestures that sometimes get lost in the routine of everyday life, gestures of tenderness, affection, compassion, that are nevertheless decisive, important”, he says.

The Pope gives the examples of sharing “a hot plate of food, a caress, a hug, a phone call... These are familiar, attentive gestures regarding everyday details that make life meaningful, and create communion and communication amongst us".

                                                                                                 Pope Francis on COVID-19


Wellbeing Statement

The emotional health and wellbeing of all members of St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School  is fundamental to our philosophy and ethos.  We value everyone, care for each other and strive for excellence.  At St Matthew’s we work together as a school community, including all students and parents in a supportive, success minded and challenging environment to maximise opportunities and achievements for all. Wellbeing incorporates PSHE,SMSC, mental health and British Values.

We focus on changing the long term culture of our school and embedding an ethos where mental health is regarded as the responsibility of all. We have embedded wellbeing into every aspect of our school and we will continue to do so, involving everyone.

In light of the current pandemic, the need to nurture the physical, social, emotional and mental wellbeing of everyone is paramount.


St Matthew's Catholic Primary School actively values and supports pupils and staff on their journey to positive mental health. We aim to make a positive difference to pupils and staff mental health and wellbeing. The intent of our Wellbeing/ PSHE  curriculum is to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and one that will maximise the outcomes for every child so that they know more, remember more and understand more. It is also our intent to provide a curriculum which develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge and skills which enables children to access the wider curriculum and to prepare children to be a global citizen now and in their future roles within a global community.

We strive to provide an ideal environments for promoting good emotional wellbeing and identifying early behaviour changes and signs of mental distress. Evidence shows that health and wellbeing programmes in schools, can lead to significant improvements in children's mental health, and social and emotional skills.

PSHE and Wellbeing at St Matthew’s provides a balanced and broadly-based curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and prepares them for the opportunities and responsibilities and experiences for later life.


St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School  embed wellbeing, social and emotional aspects of learning within a whole school PSHE programme. Our holistic programme includes:

        • Substance Misuse
        • Tobacco
        • Risk Taking /Safety
        • Diversity
        • Emotional Health
        • Coping Strategies
        • Healthy Eating
        • Healthy relationships/bullying
        • Financial Education
        • British Values
        • Democracy
        • Citizenship
        • Physical Activity
        • E-Safety
        • Careers
        • dealing with emotions
        • understanding emotions
        • talking about mental health in a positive light


The Wellbeing/PSHE curriculum also includes opportunities to link British Values, SMSC and  Key skills into the curriculum.  Our spiral curriculum starts in Year 1 and follows the children through to Year 6. The distribution of the lessons complements key campaigns throughout the year such as Anti-bullying Week, Mental Health Week and Industry/Global Week.

We use Jigsaw which is a mindful approach to PSHE. All learning activities used in Jigsaw allow opportunities for discussion and debate. Open learning activities provide an opportunity for pupils to develop their skills, knowledge and attitude. Never underestimate the impact of children debating or discussing- even practising using language or talking about feelings can help them develop key skills for the future. Resilience plays a big part of our curriculum and this has been our PSHE focus throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic.


  • Wider Curriculum

All subjects make a link to Wellbeing, PSHE, BV, SMSC and the language is used consistently by all staff.



  • Displays across school

Wellbeing, PSHE, BV and SMSC displays throughout school reinforce the PSHE curriculum enabling children to make links.


  • Assemblies

Whole school, Key Stage and class assemblies always make a link to Wellbeing, PSHE, British Values and SMSC.



Wellbeing is fundamental to learning. Every Wellbeing/PSHE lesson has the opportunity for ongoing self/teacher assessment.  The reason it takes place during every lesson, is  so that children are moved on quickly and are able to understand emotions and feelings as they go. Summative assessment takes place at the end of a topic; and formally each term, to ensure that the children have achieved and continue to achieve and develop as well rounded citizens. Support and intervention (for those who need it) is available in all lessons and is key in PSHE lessons.   Children are encouraged to work independently and in groups to explore scenarios, issues and situations they may encounter and navigate them in a positive way.


A growing body of research shows that pupils who are emotionally healthy do better at school. PSHE education helps children and young people to achieve their potential by supporting their wellbeing and tackling issues that can affect their ability to learn, such as anxiety and unhealthy relationships. PSHE education also helps pupils to develop skills and aptitudes - like teamwork, communication, and resilience - that are crucial to navigating the challenges and opportunities of the modern world, and are increasingly valued by employers.

PSHE education helps pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society. From making responsible decisions about alcohol to succeeding in their first job, PSHE education helps pupils to manage many of the most critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face growing up.

Pupils agree that PSHE education is a vital part of their preparation for life, with 92% of those who have been taught the subject believing all young people should receive high-quality PSHE lessons.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Wellbeing Week - designing and creating potato people
Year 5
Year 6
After reading a book called 'Ruby's Worry', we made 'worry clouds' ands attached them to balloons. When you share a worry, it lifts from you.
Year 6 have studied a book called 'Me and My Fear', all about when a young immigrant girl has to travel to a new country and start at a new school. She is accompanied by her Fear who tells her to be alone and afraid, growing bigger and bigger every day with questions like "how can you hope to make new friends if you don't understand their language?" But this little girl is stronger than her Fear. A heart-warming and timely tale from the bestselling author and illustrator of The Journey, this book shows us the importance of sharing your Fear with others--after all, everyone carries a Fear with them, even if it's small enough to fit into their pocket! We then thought about what our own Fear Monster might look like! 
Useful Resources

We realise it can be difficult to know what to say to children about the global pandemic crisis so here are some activities that may be of some use to you during this period of self isolation.




This is a short book written by Manuela Molina.  It has been used to support and reassure children, under the age of 7, regarding  COVID-19.  

The book is an invitation for families to discuss the full range of emotions arising from the current situation.


It is important to point out that this resource does not seek to be a source of scientific information, but rather a tool based on fantasy. You do not have to use this.


It is the authors recommendation to print this material so children can draw on it and recognise that  emotions are processed through repetitive play and stories read multiple times.


This COVIBOOK has helped ease young children’s anxiety all over the world. 

With love,

Manuela Molina - the author


in young children:


Some children may need particular support to help manage their anxiety or low mood. They may be particularly triggered by events such as seeing supermarket shelves emptying quickly – especially if they have experienced neglect or if particular foods become scarce or unavailable. Remember that a change in behaviour, such as restlessness, being more disruptive than usual or becoming quieter, may be underpinned by stress and anxiety.

The following resources may be helpful:



Have you heard of something called ‘mindfulness’?  It’s about noticing what is happening in your body, your brain and in all of your senses at this moment in time. Practising mindfulness allows you to take notice of your thoughts and feelings. This helps you to feel a sense of calm and manage difficult emotions such as stress, worry or anger. Why not have a go at some of the activities below?


Glitter jar   The gratitude tree



Why not create your own mindfulness glitter jar? The swirling patterns make you feel calm when you are stressed or anxious.





Guided Meditation: If you liked this meditation why not check out more meditations on New Horizons youtube channel click here


Guided meditation   Cloud watching



Daily meditation helps you to manage and control your mental wellbeing.





Why not try some mindful cloud watching? Wondering why this helps? Find out more here.


Body scan   Practising mindfulness



Complete a mindful body scan, bringing you to harmony with your mind and body.





Guided meditation: a presentation leading you through mindfulness activities.


Other mindfulness exercises




                                            For more mindfulness exercises and acitivites,                                          click the image above.




Lots of good reasons to get moving!

Research shows that physical activity can help school aged kids in lots of ways.

Improves behaviour, self-confidence and social skills

Improves attention levels and performance at school

Develops co-ordination

Strengthens muscles and bones

Improves health and fitness

Maintains healthy weight

Helps them sleep better

Improves mood and makes them feel good

  • Activities


    Sports and activities A to Z

    Sports and physical activities are a great way for kids to get some exercise. See our A to Z of new sports to try, and find out how to get started with our family-friendly ideas.

  • Activities


    Indoor activities for kids

    Discover some great ideas for family-friendly indoor activities to get kids moving – whatever the weather!


    10 Minute Shake Up games

    Have you tried our Disney and Pixar inspired games? Shake Up activities are fun for all the family – and a great way for kids to get active!

  • 10 Minute Shake Up game from Change4Life with Disney

    Cruz's Training Station

    It's Cruz Ramirez's job to help train Lightning McQueen for his next race using the new high-tech track simulator. Will you be able to keep up?

    2 Players


  • 10 Minute Shake Up game from Change4Life with Disney

    Jungle Jig with Nala and Simba

    Nala and Simba are reunited in the jungle. Can you move to your own jungle beat?

    1 players or more


  • 10 Minute Shake Up game from Change4Life with Disney

    Find Forky

    Forky, the newest member of the Toy Story gang, does not believe he is a toy. Even though he is Bonnie's favourite, he keeps running away. Who can find Forky the fastest?

    2 players or more


  • 10 Minute Shake Up game from Change4Life with Disney

    Jack-Jack's Super Shapes

    It's your turn to shapeshift like Jack-Jack – he can transform his body! Can you lead everyone in a shapeshifting routine?

    2 players or more


  • 10 Minute Shake Up game from Change4Life with Disney

    Bellwether's Book Bundle

    Bellwether always has a lot to do when helping run the Mayor's office. Can you get your books in order like Bellwether?

    1 players or more


  • 10 Minute Shake Up game from Change4Life with Disney

    Helping Heihei

    After stowing away on Moana's boat, Heihei unintentionally keeps walking overboard. Can you help guide him to safety?

    2 Players


  • 10 Minute Shake Up game from Change4Life with Disney

    Anna's Frozen Game

    Arendelle's frozen! So you have to keep moving to avoid turning into an ice statue.

    2 players or more


  • 10 Minute Shake Up game from Change4Life with Disney

    Yoga Yak

    Welcome to The Mystic Spring Oasis, where you can discover your inner yogi with Yak. Ommmmmmmmmmm...

    1 players or more


  • 10 Minute Shake Up game from Change4Life with Disney

    Pumbaa's Hippo Hops

    Imagine a tasty-looking insect has caught Pumbaa's eye… but it's on the other side of a mudhole full of sleeping hippos! Can you show him how to get through without waking them?

    1 players or more


  • 10 Minute Shake Up game from Change4Life with Disney

    Be Lumiere's Guest

    When Lumiere shows Belle all the culinary delights of the castle, he puts on a fantastic show. Now it's your turn to prepare for another great party!

    1 players or more


  • 10 Minute Shake Up game from Change4Life with Disney

    Bo Peep's Herd and Seek

    Bo Peep has lost her sheep. Can you race around and herd them back home?

    2 players or more


Mindfulness is being alive and knowing it, a .b animation by MiSP


.b Playing Attention by MiSP

Have a go at this practice to see for yourself how mindfulness works. Learn how kindness and patience are needed to train the mind.

.b Beditation by MiSP

Using mindfulness to support sleep

Yoga links:

Nature hunts for garden and 1 minute challenges

Mindful Breathing Exercise

Take a deep breath in and a long exhale out - feels good, doesn't it? Try this mindful breathing exercise video to help you feel more calm and present.

Bemindful courseA free introduction to a mindfulness course recomended by nhs. The full course has cost.
Our 'Big Picnic' for Global Week 
Hands of Friendship Celebration at Central Library with The Liverpool Lord Mayor 11/12/17
Hands Of Friendship
Image result for hands of friendship
Hands of Friendship is a continuation of our status as a School of Sanctuary.  

At St Matthew’s we appreciate that each person is uniquely created and loved by God. We respect their worth their value and their contributions to school life.

In upholding and developing the distinctive ethos of a Catholic school we embrace the principles of inclusion, equality and diversity.  We ensure that every person is treated with respect, fairness and dignity and actively promote the values of tolerance, understanding and justice for all within the school and in the wider world. 

At St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School we focus on the well- being and progress of every child and believe that all members of our school community are of equal worth. We are a school of sanctuary and will always offer a welcoming hand of friendship to all who come to our door.

We believe that the Equality Act 2010 provides a framework to support our commitment to valuing diversity, tackling discrimination and promoting equality and fairness. We recognise that these duties reflect international human rights standards such as the UN Convention on the rights of the Child.

The Lord Mayor Visits St Matthew's
The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Nick Small, Curtis Watts, Jill Rolands and Donna Palmer visited our school this week to see the wonderful work we have been doing for School of Sanctuary  and Hands of Friendship. 
Raindrops Visit
Special 'friends' visited our school today to see the wonderful work we have done to recieve the status of School of Sanctuary.  Jill Rowlands, Nick Small, Donna Palmer and Levi Tafari were very impressed with our fantastic pupils. They enjoyed visiting our Raindrops session.  It was great fun to see the little ones dancing to our friendship songs.
Whole school sing about friendship 
Image result for cartoon friends
Playground mentors at St Matthew's are a friend to anyone!
Year 2 storytime with Donna from Emtas.  Great stories to relay important  citizenship messages. Thanks Donna we think you're so funny!


This little video helps children to learn how to concentrate and keep their minds focused.



Anti Bullying Week 


Theme: Change Starts With Us


This week St Matthew’s celebrated National Anti-Bullying week.  The theme this year is: Change Starts With Us. 

Small changes make a big difference. Whether bullying is verbal, physical, online or in-person, it has a significant impact on a child’s life well into adulthood.  By making small, simple changes we can break this cycle and create a safe environment for all. 

TOGETHER, we can challenge bullying.  Change starts with a conversation.  It starts with checking in.  It starts when we work together. 

This week all pupils have had lots of activities that have  promoted the ideas that:


Change starts here.
Change starts now.
Change starts with us.


Our pupils know that it takes a collective responsibility to stop bullying.  We have empowered, positive messages addressing the fact that when it comes to bullying 



Celebrating our


individuality and





Image result for anti-bullying images 2018

Anti-Bullying Week 2018

Anti- Bullying Week takes place in England from November 12th to the 16th. This nationwide event is organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and is intended to raise awareness of the issue of bullying among children, especially in schools.

The theme this year is                                                                  

Image result for choose respect


Children of all ages are encouraged to get involved in the event and take part in activities in school that will help to shine a lig ht on the problem of bullying and ways to help resolve the issue.


     Image result for image of odd socks  

We are having an Odd Socks day on Monday 12th November. This means that children can come to school in odd socks. We will join many other schools doing the same thing to celebrate pupils’ individuality and uniqueness. 

There is no pressure for you to buy or wear the latest fashion socks.  All we want is for children to take part and realise that whilst we are all very similar we are all different. The day is designed to be fun! 

Thanks for your support



Image result for odd socks day choose respect
Image result for odd socks day choose respect
St Matthew's began anti-bullying week by holding an  Odd Socks Day .  This day is designed to be fun and the photographs show how much the children enjoyed this activity.  It was an opportunity for children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and appreciate what makes us all unique! ... Odd Socks day will  help raise awareness around anti-bullying.
Mentors, School Councillors and Teachers all met today to ensure that their roles on the yard were clear. 
They all want to make sure that playtime at our school is  the best it can be. 
In every zone you will find lots of play resources and people who will play with you.
If you are worried, upset or need a friend please ask for help. 
We now have new eye-catching School of Sanctuary and wellbeing displays in our school . 
Donna from EMTAS visits our school regularly.  On her last visit two of our pupils felt compelled to show her and class 2P a powerpoint they had made in their own time.  The powerpoint presentation was all about School of Sanctuary. Well done boys, I'm very proud of you!  (and Donna was very impressed too!!!)
This week is Online Safety awarness week at St Matthew's.  Natalie, from Bully Busters  joined us for assembley and we learned all about 'safe hands'.  Every finger on your hand represents someone who you trust.  if something online is upsetting or doesn't  'feel' right, you must tell someone!
Road Safety Week 
Speed Down
Anti Bullying Week
All Equal 
All Different