Year - 4H

Hi all,
Please find attached a copy of the Home Learning Pack for week beginning 19th October 2020. There are also some additional basic skills tasks for you to have a go at.Remember that you can also access this work on Class Dojo and email the school office for a printed pack of this work. Enjoy and stay safe. 
Mr Herron x

Hi 4H,

            As I will be off school for a short while, I would like to give you some work to complete at home!


            Firstly, I would like you to spend 30 minutes each day on your Times Tables and on your Spellings. I would really appreciate if you could please post these on the Class Dojo under the tab portfolio.


            Secondly, I will attach a ‘Home Booklet’ that you should complete this week, (Monday 5th- Friday 9th). On Monday, you should aim to complete a lesson each in Maths, English and RE…You will need to organise your time here! You could allow yourself 45 minutes for each subject and also allow yourself a short break between each subject you complete. Again, I would like you to post your work on Class Dojo so that I can provide you with feedback.


            Maths: The first Maths lesson focuses on ‘making number patterns’ and recognising the numbers to put in order. Please complete this on a blank sheet of paper showing the different methods you have tried and follow this up by completing the Guided Practice. This will show your understanding of the topic.


            English: We will be focusing on poetry in English this week. For lesson 1, I would like you to read the poem aloud (as often as you need) and do your best to understand the meaning of the poem.


  • Find two metaphors in the poem that the poet uses for description;
  • Find a synonym and an antonym for the ten words listed;
  • Try your best with this and I look forward to seeing the different words you have found posted on Class Dojo.


RE: It would be great if you could complete an RE lesson please

Task: This lesson focuses on the Book of Ruth. Read both passages and answer the questions which follow to show your understanding of the text. Remember to write in full sentences please.


I know that we would all much prefer to be completing this work in class together but for the moment I am looking forward to seeing your work on Class Dojo.


Finally 4H, please remember to stay safe and I really am looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Best regards,

Mr Herron