Year 1 Class - 1B - Spring - 2018 - 2019

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 Important Information
PE day is Tuesday morning.
Dance is on Friday morning.
PE kits should stay in school and will be sent home every half term.
Homework will be given on a Monday and returned on Friday.
Children are allowed to bring a healthy snack (fruit, breakfast bar) and a bottle of water to school (no fizzy drinks). 
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Phonics is the first important step to learning how to spell and read.
In Year 1, the children will be given a reading book and a phonics pack to take home.
Please practice this as much as possible with your child, in preparation for the Year 1 screening test next year. 
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The children have been preparing fruits and vegetables to make a smoothie. 
First, they had to design their fruit smoothie by generating ideas through investigating a variety of fruit and vegetables. They communicated these ideas through talking, drawing and writing. 
The children were taught how to work safely and hygienically, using tools, techniques and ingredients appropriate to the task. They used the tools to cut soft fruits and vegetables. After this, the children had the opportunity to blend their fruits and vegetables using a bike! It was so much fun!

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The topic in science is Marvelous Materials. 
The children have been discussing each aspect of planning in detail, such as fair test and predictions. 
The children have been working scientifically by observing and recording results, then using the data to draw conclusions.
Our first investigation was based on the question 'How does the area of the classroom change the rate of melting?'
We placed 4 ice cubes around the classroom; by the computer, by the window, on the carpet and by the door. We observed the ice cubes 6 times every 10 minutes, using a 10 minute sand timer. We concluded that the ice cube by the computer melted quicker than the rest. 
"We were finding out which ice cube would melt faster in different places around the classroom" - Neve
"The one next to the computer melted quicker" - Ayden 
 "This is because it's hot next to the computer" - Nathan 
"The one on the carpet was the slowest to melt because it was in the shade" - Annabelle
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The topic in Art this term is Colour Chaos. 
The children have been learning about famous artists Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. 
"Jackson Pollock was born in 1912, he is famous because he invented drip painting."- Kaden
"Mark Rothko did colour field art, he used bold colours to do block painting"- Amelia
The children talked about the artists work, what they could see and how it made them feel.
The children used a variety of media to create marks, line and shapes. They also learnt about primary and secondary colours. The children really enjoyed doing the drip painting. 
Look at some pictures of us doing our art work. 
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In RE the topic is Change. 
The children have been exploring Lent.
The children have learning about the Gospel story of Jesus' crucifixion on Good Friday. 
We discussed how Jesus died for us on Good Friday because he loves us all.
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The children have been looking at different types of 2-D shapes and some basic 3-D shapes. The children will cover the properties of basic 2-D shapes and some solid shapes. The children  will learn to group shapes according to different criteria. This will also lead to recognising, describing and continuing a pattern, as well as generalising patterns.
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In literacy the children have been using Talk for Writing to create their own non-fiction story based on space. 
Look at some examples of the children's work so far. 
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7th March 2019.
World book day was so fun, all of the children had wonderful costumes on!
We discussed what our favourite books were and why we liked them. 
Here is a picture of us all dressing up as characters from our favourite books!
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In music the children will be using a variety of instruments to demonstrate various elements of music including rhythm, tempo, dynamics and texture. 
Enjoy this video of us using a variety of instruments to practise rhythm. 
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The topic for history this term is Mighty Explorers. 
The children have been learning all about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.
The children having been  exploring artifacts, retelling and ordering key events in the explorers lives using a timeline. The children have also been comparing the similarities and differences between the explorers from different periods in time. 
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The children have been creating lyrics to 'I Like the Flowers'.
Enjoy this video of us singing our song!
This week have celebrated Safer Internet Day. Year 1 have been looking at the different ways we use the internet and exploring how the internet connects  many different devices and people from around the world.
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Here we are orally rehearsing the language needed to create our own traditional tale.
Hope you enjoy it!
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We did an investigatin to find out what material would make the best waterproof umbrella for Ted.  We tested cotton wool, paper, plasic and fabric.  We wanted to know which material would keep Ted dry.

We had great fun and  found out that  plastic would be the best material because it kept Ted dry and  did not let any water through. 


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In maths the children have been learning different ways to add and subtract numbers within 20.
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Traditional tales told through music.  Here we are acting out the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.  Hope you enjoy this video.
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These are all our key words:


Arctic circle

North Pole

South Pole


Polar region


Polar bear











We used the Bee-Bots to navigate the compass directions North, East, South and West.
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Here we are identifying and naming a variety of everyday materials. We made observations and drew a table to record our data.