Year 2 - Class 2B - Autumn 2020

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Welcome to Class 2B!
Class Teacher: Miss Byatt 
Teacher Assistants: Miss Carter
Support Staff: Mrs Sullivan 
Tuesday Afternoon & Friday Morning
The children are to come into school with their P.E. kits on these days.
Snacks/fruit will be provided by the school.
Children are allowed to bring a bottle of water into school (no fizzy drinks).
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Here are some useful links to help your child practise phonics at home: 
Parents, please click on the link below if you want to know how to say all of the phonics sounds (phonemes) and letters. It is a really useful guide if you are unsure what sounds some graphemes make.  
Phonics Pass Papers
The learning of phonics is an important tool to help children to become fluent and confident readers. In school your child will be having daily phonics lessons and will be applying their phonics knowledge and skills through out the curriculum. Please find below a number of resources to help you to support your child's learning of phonics at home. Use the phonics sound mats to check that your child can recognise all the sounds, watch the online lessons to help your child practise any of the sounds they are unsure of and use the games, sound button cards and past screening check papers to help your child to segment and blend the sounds when reading. 
Please spend a bit of time every day practising phonics with your child-it really will help!

Useful links:  A video showing how to say each of the sounds  -A guide telling you how to say each of the different phonic sounds Online revision phonics lessons Online phonics lessons which can be useful for reviewing and practising any digraphs (two letters making one sound) or trigraphs (3 letters making one sound). -there are lots of decodable phonic books available on this website. Your child has been given a class login to access the site (login details can be found on the home learning and class pages on the school website). games like 'Buried Treasure', 'Picnic on Pluto', and 'Dragon's Den' can be used to practise segmenting and blending real and nonsense words. games like 'odd and Bob', 'phonics frog' and 'Yes/no Yeti' can be used to practise segmenting and blending real and nonsense words. -here you can find worksheets, videos and extra resources.


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Congratulations to Brody who has been elected as Class 2B's new School Councillor! It was a tough decision but we are sure Brody will be a great representative to our class.
Brody - "I am a good listener.
I want to make a change.
I will always try my best.
Have fun and be positive
I will be kind to all.
I want to make a change."
Well done to all the other children who were nominated and thank you to their families who helped with their speeches- they were all brilliant!
Home Learning | All Souls' Catholic Primary School
Congratulations to Seth for winning the 'Home Learning' award! He tried his very best and completed many tasks on the Class Dojo app. 
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