Year 2 Class - 2L - Spring - 2018 - 2019

Welome to Class 2L!

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Our class teacher is Miss Little.
Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Walters. 


 Important information:


  • P.E. is on Thursdays and Dance is on Wednesday. P.E kits should remain in school all week. 
  • Homework is given out on a Monday and is due in on a Friday. Dojo points are awarded for the return of completed homework.  
  • Children will be tested on their spellings and times tables every Friday.  
  • Please read with your child every night. Class 2L earn points and rewards for their reading efforts at home. Reading records should be signed by an adult to earn these points!  
  • Please bring your reading book to school every day.  
  • Music is on Monday and Mandarin is on Wednesday.
Please practise reading and spelling the words below with your child.
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The children had fun making sculptures from recyclable material. Look at their scary monsters below!
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The children stretched different fabrics to determine which was the stretchiest. They tested their elasticity by measuring it in its normal state, then again when stretched and comparing the results. The children used their mathematical skills, such as measuring as well as their understanding of subtraction to work out the difference. The children really enjoyed working in groups to discover which material is the stretchiest!
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The children had lots of fun at Chester Zoo, meeting all of the animals and playing on the cool playground. The children enjoyed seeing the Giraffes, Penguins, Bats, Butterflies and Zebras. They even heard the Lions roaring!
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Whilst investigating different materials the children have used different types of balls including tennis balls, rugby balls and footballs to see which is the bounciest. They investigated how a balls material and size can affect how bouncy it is. They tested how high each ball could bounce when dropped from 1m. They also discovered that the weight of a ball can affect how bouncy it is!
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The children have been investigating how materials can change shape. The children applied different forces, including stretching, squashing, bending and twisting to the various materials and determined whether they could be changed. 
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The children have been designing and creating their own pizzas. They have worked together to identify what is required to have a healthy diet and meal. They also explored which carbohydrates would be most suitable for their base and worked together to assess and identify their properties to determine which would work best! They have enjoyed working together to make their own pizzas and certainly enjoyed eating them too!
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This term in Art the children are learning about sculptures. The children used sugar cubes to make their own sculptures. Have a look at their designs below!
The children have been studying the work of Michelle Reader. They discussed her work and sculptures and chose their favourites to draw and sketch. Look at their amazing work below!
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We had lots of fun on World Book Day discussing our favourite books whilst dressed as some of our favourite characters! Can you guess who we are?
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During Collective Worship on Wednesday the children had a special visit from Deacon Eddie who joined us to give the ashes for Ash Wednesday. We discussed the good deeds we could do during Lent and why we would do these.
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The children have been working in small groups and as a class to analyse and discuss a different text each week. The children have been learning and developing their different reading skills such as clarifying and inference to help develop their understanding of a text and its features. The children have enjoyed working together and enjoyed sharing their understanding of and ideas about the texts.
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In music this term the children are learning more about percussion instruments such as drums and maracas. In keeping with the previous topic they have been using African Drums called Djembe's. The children enjoyed using different instruments to practice their control and technique and to perfect following and leading as a conductor.
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While learning about Chinese new year the children made Chinese lanterns and also watched their teacher perform a traditional dance.
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The children completed their final performance of the African song today. They used video clips of their previous performance to finalize and improve their technique. They analysed their previous examples and picked up on different things such as dancing in time, standing up straight and smiling to improve their performance. Check it out below - they did so well! 
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The children have been identifying whether materials are waterproof or absorbent. They have been comparing the materials to determine which is the most suitable to use as a raincoat or umbrella in the rain. They discovered that felt was far too absorbent for this job but cellophane and tinfoil could work but would not be comfortable or stylish!
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The children have loved learning about how big the internet is and how well it connects us. They have discussed the different apps we use online and have advised each other how and why we use these apps safely. They mainly focused on the importance of consent and why it is important to have permission to use certain websites and share information about themselves and others.
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The children have been learning about African music and culture. The children have learned a song, singing it in both Zulu and in English. The children have been using different musical techniques such as dynamics and harmonies to improve their performance. The children have also considered their performance technique such as smiles, dancing and concentration to help boost their confidence and improve their performance. The children watched other examples to gain inspiration and offered their own ideas.
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The children have been learning how to say different animals in Mandarin. They have been working together to perfect their pronunciation and to help identify the different animals in both English and Mandarin. They really enjoyed using different actions to test their friend's knowledge!
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The children have been investigating how absorbent materials are and have predicting and determining which material was the most absorbent using various tests. 
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In Literacy the children have been learning about Traditional Tales. They have learned and discussed the story of Rumpelstiltskin to help them understand the different features of a fairytale. They have learned about the different characters and settings used in a fairytale and have written their own interesting stories!
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The children are really enjoying their new dance topic this term! They have enjoyed working independently to control their movements to ensure they are clean and sharp and in time with the music.
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This term the children are learning about Books. The children have discussed their favourite books and have identified where we might read books. The children have also talked about and recognised the importance of the Bible and have enjoyed using copies of the Bible to identify, discuss and read the different sections and Bible stories.
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The children have been exploring Africa and identifying its many countries. The children have identified Africa on a map, comparing its size and location to the UK. The children have also been learning about African animals and African culture. They enjoyed using their creativity to create necklaces that the Maasai Tribe often wear.
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Jackson the Digi Dog!
 Jackson is Class 2L's online safety hound.  
Jackson has been going on lots of different adventures with the children in our class and is learning lots of things about how to stay safe when using the ipad, laptop, playstation and Xbox.
Jackson is pleased that the children use safe web pages online!