Year 2 Class - 2R - Autumn - 2018 - 2019

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Welcome to Class 2R!
Your Teacher is Miss Rush 
 Your Teaching Assistant is Miss Carter.
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Important information
  • Please remember your P.E. kit for P.E. on Thursdays and Dance on  Fridays.
  • Homework is given out on a Monday and is due in on a Friday.
  • Children will be tested on their spellings and times tables every Friday.
  • Please read with your child every night.
  • Music and Mandarin are on Wednesday . 
Please practise reading and spelling the words below with your child.
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The children have been using water paints to create a wash colour background for their moving portraits picture.
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The children have completed their sleighs and we are very proud of our final products. Take a look below at our wonderful sleighs, we are sure Santa will be very impressed!
The children have been decorating their Sleighs. We can't wait to see the final products.
Image result for santa sleighClass 2R have been busy designing their own sleigh for Santa during their DT lessons. They had to research lots of different sleighs before creating their own ideas and criteria. The children then used a variety of materials and equipment to make their sleighs.
Class 2R have been practising their computing skills by creating their own avatars to link in with their art topic on portraits. 
Can you guess who they belong to?
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The staff are very proud of all the children who took part in our Nativity performance. The children have worked very hard in preparing for the Nativity and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.
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We had lots of festive Christmas jumpers in class today. We even had musical, sparkly and light up ones. It was all in aid of a good cause too as we raised money for save the children.
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The children have been drawing self portraits as part of their art topic.
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Class 2R have begun to explore the concept of division. We have already noticed links with our multiplication work.
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The children enjoyed a special performance of Alice in Wonderland. Some of the children even got chosen to take part as the jury in the show.
"My favourite part was when Alice grew big"  Nevaeh.
"I thought it was funny when the actors got Mrs Webb up on stage and blamed her for painting the roses red." Emily.
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Class 2R have been learning about preparations in our R.E. lessons. The children decorated the classroom to help prepare for Advent and Christmas.
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The children have been taking part in mindfulness sessions with our school councillor Eddie. The children have been looking at dealing with difficult situations by controlling their thoughts and breathing. They have also been working on staying focussed and being mindful.
Festive fun day!
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The children had a great time on Festive fun day. They bought gifts at the elf shop, listened to a Christmas story, had their photograph taken in the photo booth, watched a Christmas film and even visited Santa!
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Wow, what a fantastic day we had at Imagine That! We had lots of fun exploring the science lab and came across lots of challenging puzzles. We got in to the festive spirit by decorating Christmas Tree ornaments and our very own reindeer dust in the arts and crafts corner. We even had lots of time to develop our communication and language skills in the role play areas.
Class 2R loved being scientists and spending time in the science lab. They learnt about chemical reactions whilst making their own bath fizzes, making a volcano erupt and powering a rocket.
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Class 2R have been looking at living and no-living things in our Science lessons. The children sorted photographs into 3 categories - alive, dead and never been alive. We decided that things need to breathe, feed, move and reproduce in order for them to be alive.
Class 2R have been learning how Samuel Pepys diary is an important source which helps us to the about the great fire of London. The children used mash cams on Purple Mash to help them take on the role of Samuel Pepys and write their own diary entry.
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The children have been practising writing their numbers in Mandarin.
Class 2R designed their own sock to represent themselves and show how we are all unique during anti-bullying week.
The children also made their own pledges to show how they can be an upstander and help to put a stop to bullying.
The children have been learning Christmas songs during their music lessons. We can't wait to perform them for our parents at our Christmas Nativity in church.
Our digi dog Fergus Chase has been enjoying learning how to stay safe online with members from Class 2R. Take a look at what he has been up to and remember to think before you click!
Class 2R have been using an app on the I-pads to help them create a mind map during their history lesson. The children were using their enquiry skills to determine what the streets of London where like before the Great fire in 1666. The children were also developing their computing skills in combining text and graphics as well as saving their work.
The children have begun to explore the concept of multiplication in their maths lessons. The children have been learning key vocabulary associated with multiplication and have been creating equal groups to work out how many there are altogether.
Parents- can you help your child to practise their 2, 5 and 10 times tables?
The children marked the beginning of anti-bullying week by wearing odd socks to celebrate how we are all unique.
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The school held a minutes silence for all the soldiers who died in the war. Class 2R also wrote their own acrostic poems about remembrance day. Take a look at some of their poems below.
The children began history week by looking at a number of artefacts from 1666. The children practised their enquiry and interpretation skills to help them work out what the mystery artefacts were. Over the next couple of weeks we will be learning about the Great Fire of London.
Parents-Can you help your child research 5 facts about the great fire or create a picture/painting of the fire?
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Today we had a visit from Jeremy who helped us to learn all about the Jewish celebration Shabbat. We will be learning more about Shabbat and Judaism this week as part of our other faiths week.
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The children have been developing a range of skills to help them with reading and comprehension during their reciprocal reading sessions.
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Class 2R completed their geography topic by making 3d maps of a town. The children had to work as a team to decide on the best way to plan their town including all the human and physical features that it needed. The children then created a key to go with their 3d maps. The children have really enjoyed the maps topic and have developed lots of skills and knowledge along the way.
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The children have been working on their algorithms during unplugged week. The children had to give instructions to help their partner draw their silly character. The children then edited their algorithms to make them more precise.
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The children used paint to help them observe how germs can get on our hands and how it can be difficult to get rid of them. The children used magnifying glasses to help them make their observations and discussed how germs can affect our bodies.
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Heart rate investigation
Class 2R carried out a variety of activities to observe what happened to their heart rate. The children found it very challenging taking their own pulse.
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Class 2R had the pleasure of watching Class 5E perform the song "In the jungle". We were blown away with the vocals, percussion and conducting. Well done Class 5E you were amazing and we really enjoyed your performance!
Today we did our final performance of the song "London's Burning". We have enjoyed learning the song, being conductors and playing different instruments over the last 7 weeks.
The children sang "London's Burning" in a round with two parts.
We could even sing it in a round with 4 parts. What great conductors we had!
The children have been perfecting their jive hands in music. Look at us go!
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Class 2R have been investigating whether children get faster as they grow older. We had the help of some of our reception children to help us find the answer to our investigation. We have some very fast runners in reception and where surprised with some of our findings.
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The children have begun to learn about subtraction using their tens and ones to support them.
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The school had an own clothes day and asked the children to bring in unwanted clothes and toys to help raise money for leukaemia.
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Year 2 enjoyed a visit to church today where Father Dominic talked to the children about the Sacrament of Baptism. The children enjoyed role playing a Baptism Ceremony with Poppy the doll. Father Dominic taught us all about the signs and symbols used in Baptism which we will use to help us in our Come and See lessons. 
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Class 2R began their science topic called Animals including humans this week. The children matched the adult animals to their young and talked about which animal babies look different to their parents. The children then wrote descriptions describing the growth of a chick.
The children have been practising their addition calculations using tens and ones images to support them.
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Class 2R have been looking around the school for signs as part of their Signs and Symbols topic in R.E. The children couldn't believe how many signs they found. How many signs can you see on your way to school?
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Class 2R have been using their knowledge and understanding of maps, symbols, keys, human and natural features to help them design a new town for the residents of Spring Town.
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The children have been exploring the theme of 'serving others' in their collective worship.
The children have been practising their actions to help them retell their own stories based on the Tear Thief.
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Year 2 enjoyed practising with a number of different instruments to help them add percussion to the song 'London's Burning' which they have been learning. We can't wait to hear the final performance.
Class 2R have been listening to Psalm 19. They used instruments and created collages to illustrate the Psalm.
Class 2R explored the area around the school today and made notes on what they observed. The children will use these to help them create a map of the school surroundings.
Our DigiDog 'Fergus Chase' enjoyed his first adventure with Emily this week. Fergus Chase will be helping the children to learn about online safety.
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Our Geography topic this term is maps. The children have been looking at different types of maps and have been using directional language to describe a route.
Class 2R have been practising their greetings in Mandarin this week. Their teachers were very impressed with how much they have remembered from last year.
Image result for music clipartClass 2R enjoyed their first music lesson this week. The children were very excited to find out that they will be learning and performing the song 'London's Burning' to link in with their history topic.
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The children have been using ten strips and ones to help them learn about place value.
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Class 2R have been exploring the theme of responsibility in our Collective Worship.
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Class 2R have been using Talk for Writing to tell the story of the Tear Thief. The children will be using the story to help them write their own stories based on a familiar setting.