Year 2 Class - 2R - Summer - 2018 - 2019

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Welcome to Class 2R!
Your Teacher is Miss Rush 
 Your Teaching Assistant is Miss Carter.
 Important information
  • Please remember your P.E. kit for P.E. on Thursdays and Dance on  Fridays.
  • Homework is given out on a Monday and is due in on a Friday.
  • Children will be tested on their spellings and times tables every Friday.
  • Please read with your child every night.
  • Music is on a Wednesday . 
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Please practise reading and spelling the words below with your child.
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The children have created their own sea themed coaster using the technique of weaving. It took a lot of time and skill to create the coasters but we thoroughly enjoyed making them. We even wrapped them up and took them home as gifts for our parents. We hope you love them as much as we enjoyed making them.
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What a wonderful time we had at the Summer Festival! The children got to listen to talented singers, show off their dance moves, get their faces painted, buy food and gifts from a number of stalls and even danced around the May pole. It was such a great day the rain didn't even spoil our fun!
We had lots of special visitors this week for industry week. We found out lots of interesting information about a variety of different professions which will help us to think about our own careers in the future. Thank you to all our visitors who took the time to come and talk to us.
Class 2R had an amazing time at the ice cream farm. The sun was shining and we had delicious ice creams to cool us down. What a great way to end the year!
The children have been researching the scientist Rachel Carson. We made our own farms and observed how pesticides get into the oceans and rivers. We then learnt about the impact that this has on food chains and animals.
The children have been practising their English, maths and science skills by creating their own magical potions. the children had to use the science equipment to carefully measure their ingredients before using imperative verbs to write their set of instructions. The children had lots of fun measuring the dragons blood, troll snot, unicorn tears and human eyeballs.
The children have been investigating which part of the classroom has the most germs. We used bread and rubbed the bread on 5 different locations around the class. We are now going to observe which bread grows the most mould on it.
The children have been doing circle weaving using plates. The children are creating a placemat out of their weaving.
The children have been looking at contraction words during their English lessons. We have been looking at the use of the apostrophe to indicate missing letters.
Class 2R enjoyed watching the Arabian Tales productions where they listened to the retelling of a number of stories including Aladdin.  
Class 2R have been using their weaving techniques to create sea themed creatures.
The children have been using glockenspiels to practise following and playing musical notes.
We are very proud of our final outcomes for our puppets. we can't wait to put on a show with them.
The children had a great time in messy morning decorating their puppets. Thank you to all the parents and relatives who came along to join in the fun.
The children have been practising their weaving skills in their art lessons.
The children have been using crayons to create shoe autographs in their art lessons.
The children have been practising their computing skills in their geography lessons by designing and writing their own seaside postcards.
See the source imageThe children have been writing their own riddles in their English lessons. Can you guess what they are?
Related imageCongratulations to Class 2R who won the St. Matthew's Key stage 1 dance competition. The children performed an India inspired dance. We were very excited to win the competition and congratulate the other classes on their spectacular performances.
Image result for dance clipartThe St. Matthew's Key Stage 1 dance competition has begun. Who will be crowned the winners? Fingers crossed class 2R!
Image result for rock pool clipartClass 2R have been exploring what animals and plants live in rock pools as part of our Seaside topic. We had great fun fishing in the rock pools and learnt lots of interesting facts about some of the animals that live in rock pools.
Did you know a star fish can regrow damaged arms and a jelly fish doesn't have a brain?
The children have been working hard on developing their computing skills.
The children have been looking at nonsence poems and humorous verses in their English lessons. They have been learning about rhyming couplets, alliteration and tongue twisters.
The children have been working together to perform some of the poems that they have been reading in their English lessons. We found the tongue twisters very challenging.
The children have been practising their computing skills whilst locating Seaside resorts on a map of the UK.
Class 2R have started to learn about music notations in their music lessons. They had a look at a number of books which contain music notations before drawing some of the notations themselves.
The children have begun to use a simple running stitch to sew their felt puppet together. We can't wait to see the final outcomes.
Class 2R have started their DT topic based on puppets. Today the children have been researching different types of puppets, writing a criteria for their own puppet and designing their own seaside puppet.
Class 2R have begun learning about the seaside in their geography lessons. They started the topic by locating seaside resorts on a map of the UK.
A huge congratulations and well done to year 2 on completing your SATs. You have worked very hard all year and your teachers are very proud of you.
Class 2R have been observing leaves from different trees. They measured the length and with of their leaves and produced observational drawings of them.
Class 2R have been observing the inside of a flower and learning the names for the different parts.
The children have been looking at the main parts of a plant and their functions.
Class 2R are investigating whether seeds need sunlight and water to help them to grow.
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The children began their new science topic on plants by observing different types of seeds. They predicted what types of seeds they were.
The children have been looking at some of the artefacts that where used during wash day in the past. We looked at beaters and washboards and learnt about mangles, dolly pegs and copper boilers.
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Class 2R used a beater and a washboard to role play hat it would have been like to wash clothes in the past. We found it very hard work and are so glad that we have washing machines today.
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Class 2R have been learning about irons in the past. Did you know a flat iron was made out of solid iron and was also known as a Sad iron?
The children also looked at charcoal irons and created a time line of how irons have changed over time. We couldn't believe how heavy some of the irons were.
The children have been learning about hot and cold colours to help them perform the song "My Bonnie lies over the ocean"
Class 2R have been learning to tell the time in their maths lessons.
Parents: can you help your child to learn how to tell the time?
Well done to Isla who made our first 3d cube today. The children have been learning all about 3d shapes in their maths lessons.
Parents: can you help your child to make a net for a 3d shape?
Class 2R had a special visit from Miss Carter and Theo today. We were very pleased to see Miss Carter again and very excited to meet Theo for the first time.
The children have been testing which fabric is the most durable during their science lessons.
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The children have been developing their enquiry skills in History by using photographs to find out what Liverpool was like in the 1800s
Class 2R have begun learning some seaside songs during their music lessons.
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Year 2 will be sitting their SATs at the end of May. Please follow these top tips to help your child prepare; 
  • read every night with your child
  • ask your child questions about what they have read
  • practise 2, 5 and 10 time tables
  • practise reading and spelling common exception words (listed below)
  • practise an addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sum every night
  • play spelling shed and times table rockstars
  • be in school on time and get a good nights sleep