Year 3 - Class 3L - Autumn 2020

Welcome to class 3L! 


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Our class teacher is Miss Little.
Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Bligh. 


Important Information 
P.E. is on Monday and Friday. P.E kits should be worn to school on these days.

Homework is uploaded to Dojos on a Monday and is due in on a Friday. Dojo points are awarded for the return of completed homework.
Children will be tested on their spellings and times tables every Friday.

Please read with your child every night and bring their books back to school every Friday! Children will receive Dojo points for reading at home!

Music is on a Wednesday and French is on a Tuesday.

Children - Howes Primary School


Please use Spelling Shed to practise your spellings whilst playing cool games and earn lots of points so you can change your avatar.


Times Tables Rock Stars - Pinner Park Primary School

Please use TT Rockstars to practise your timestables whilst playing cool games and earning lots of points so you can change your avatar. 

   Children have their personal login and can access these resources via the internet or an app. Children can practise relevant times tables and spellings, including their homework spellings in a fun, interactive way.

   Link to Spelling Shed:  

 Link to TT Rockstars:

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Please read with your child every night.
They will earn points and rewards for their reading efforts at home.

Reading records should be signed by an adult to earn these rewards.
Please only bring your reading books to school on a Friday! 

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In P4C we talked about whether we should believe everything we see and hear online. After exploring and making our own spoof websites and understanding how and why these are created - we talked at length about how some things and websites on the internet are not reliable and how we can do additional research to check the information.
In ICT we learned and talked about how to stay safe online and whilst using technology. We looked closely at the importance of passwords and how and why they are used. We talked about what passwords we should and should not use and how we should protect them. We also talked about what we should do if we see or hear something inappropriate online and who we should go to to report it. We talked about age appropriate content and games and why games and websites have age restrictions and how we can identify them. With this information we created posters and wrote a letter advising a friend of what to do to stay safe online!
We had lots of fun at the allotment planting and gathering different vegetables and foods. We had fun getting messy in the soil and learning how plants grow.
In ICT we are learning about how to stay safe online, including how to use our passwords correctly. Today we studied spoof websites and identified the incorrect information before we created our own on PurpleMash!
In Science we are learning about plants. We labelled diagrams of plants and trees using scientific language. We had fun cutting and sticking the different parts to create and label a tree and flower.
Literacy - Poetry
We have been learning about and reading poems about thunderstorms. We looked at the layout and features of different poems before practising and learning the poem Thunderstorms by WH Davies. We had fun using our expression and intonation to perform the poems to the class.
To help develop our ICT skills we used the iPads during our Science lesson! We learned how to sign into and navigate Google Classroom and used our typing and editing skills to edit the document Miss Little had assigned for us. We had lots of fun and enjoyed helping each other!
We had lots of fun today with Kev from Earthworks. We worked together to discuss the different parts of plants and to plant our own bulbs/seeds as part of our experiment. We enjoyed learning outdoors and exploring our school grounds for different plant life.
We planted bulbs in four different conditions as part of our experiment to determine what plants need to grow and survive. We have given one water and sunlight, one water but no sunlight, one sunlight but no water and one does not have water or sunlight. We have placed them in appropraite places in our classroom and are excited to watch them grow. Over the next few weeks we will observe them and measure their growth. 
Can you predict which plant will grow the most? Can you predict which plant will be the healthiest? Why?
Keep your eyes peeled for our results!
Student Councillor
Well done to Skye, who was voted 3L class councillor!
We had lots of fun working in pairs during PE to improve our fitness skills and knowledge of strategies to keep fit.
We are learning how to control our instruments and follow the conductor. We are learning to listen to the music and follow the beat and rhythm.
We had lots of fun using different shading techniques to add detail to our observational drawings of leaves. We looked closely at the leaves and focused on their shapes and features, using light and hard strokes to create texture and detail.
We had so much fun printing with paint! We created a stencil template using our observational drawings as inspiration, painted them with Autumnal colours and pressed the print into our books. Look at the amazing results!