Year 3 Class - 3G - Autumn - 2018 - 2019

Welcome to Class 3G
Our Teacher is Mr Greaves and our teaching assistant is Miss Mills.
We're looking forward to a wonderful year!
Some important notes:
Our PE lessons are on Tuesday
Our Dance lessons are on Friday
Homework goes out on a Monday and is due back on the Friday
Parents: Please try to read at home with your child every night, even for just 5-10minutes and then sign their home reading record. It really does make a massive difference!
We will be making a big push on our spellings this year and there will be some words to learn every week with our homework.
If you're up for an extra challenge, how many of these Year 3 and 4 words can you learn before the end of the year?
We started our topic about families and homes by looking at what makes a place special through having a philosophical discussion. We came up with some lovely answers and share them with each other. Even though many of us had different answers, there were many connections between them with 'family', 'love' and feeling 'safe' being shared the most.
We learned all about different sounds - high pitch, low pitch, short and long - this week through exploring the sounds that animals make. Rosie challenged us to find partners with our closed eyes by using only our listening skills to find those who were making similarly pitched sounds. Sounds challenging? It was! But we managed it! Great start to our new music topic.
The first dance style of the year is ballet. Talk about a tough start! Danielle had us warmed up and learning in no time and after only 30 minutes, this is where we're up to.
Pretty impressive! Can't wait to see how good we'll be by the end of the year!
To start our new Science topic on 'Animals and Humans', we explored different diets and healthy eating. We first looked at how much sugar was in some of the items of food we eat or drink regularly and were surprised by some of our findings - especially sports drinks!
We then acted as advisors to 'Will' a boy whose weekly diet seemed pretty normal at first, but under closer investigation had far too much sugar and certainly not enough fruit or vegetables. We calculated exactly how much sugar he was having daily and then created bar charts to show our findings
We Our Geography topic on Poland and Krakow has been really interesting so far, but we've never been! We spent the afternoon doing a bit of research and then walked the streets of Krakow ourselves using Google Street View. Wow! What an amazing place! We saw so many of the features we had been talking about such as the market square, the cathedral and the impressive Wawel Castle.
Next for Science, we learned about the human body and the bones we all have. But how many are there? Where exactly are they? How to they help us move?
We had a go at drawing our own life-size skeletons by drawing around ourselves before finding out for certain.
Martin Mere
The first half term has come to a close, but not before heading to Martin Mere for our first trip of the year. After learning so much about humans and animals and how they move in Science, we got to see animals up close to observe and compare them. We had so much fun walking around, using binoculars to spot rarer birds hiding in the reeds and having a go at feeding some ourselves.
Brilliant day!
History - Bronze Age shields
Our History topic is all about Early Britain: the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. As part of our lesson comparing Stone Age and Bronze Age food, we looked at how the discovery of metal helped with their development of farming and meant they didn't need to hunt or gather so much. Bronze was such an important discovery in creating tools and equipment as well as weapons.
Here's some photos of our class exploring a replica Bronze shield.
As part of our Other Faiths week studying Judaism, we had a visit from Jeremy who talked to use about the Jewish faith and what happens within a synagogue. He brought in some tallits and kippahs to try on and explained why they were important. We also got to hear some Jewish prayers, read out in Hebrew, and what they meant in English.
Thank you for helping to start our week!
Biscuits, marshmellows and key information about what was found at Stonehenge? Strange! We tackled the mystery of Stonehenge today by looking at some images of Stonehenge and making some initial theories as to what it was built for. We then watched a few short videos and scoured key fact sheets, discounting some sources and keeping others. Lastly, we had a go a building our own mini-Stonehenges using the biscuits and marshmellows so that we could get an idea of the shape and patterns involved in its design.
This all came together with our final theories as to why Stonehenge was build which are wide ranging but backed up with evidence - just like the experts!
Computing unplugged
We looked at algorithms today and why they're so important when it comes to computing. We found out that an algorithm is basically a set of instructions which is exactly how a computer is programmed. We then had a go at creating our own algorithms for planting a seed making sure that our instructions were in the correct sequence.
Remembrance Day
We wrote some beautiful acrostic poems today to show our thoughts and feelings leading up to Remembrance Day, thinking about the soldiers and their families and how much we owe them for what we have today.
Our topic on light and shadows gave us plenty of opportunities to explore with torches and materials in the dark. We've had a go at finding out how shadows are created, how shadows can be different from each other and investigated what happens to a shadow's size as the object moves away from a light source. Tricky! We may have also had time for a bit of fun making shadow puppets too...
After learning about different parts of the human body and colours to use when describing them, we had a go at painting some Mandarin symbols and practising our form.
Festive Fun Day
Our Festive Fun Day involved things like 'Rocking around the tree' dancing, going to the elf gift shop, visiting the photo booth, storytelling and of course, a visit to see Santa! Any spare time we had was sat cozily up in classroom with snacks and a Christmas film. Lots of fun!
Norton Priory
To finish off our History topic on the Stone Age, we spent the day at Norton Priory. Even though we have some amazing artefacts at school, they had even more there for us to touch and feel! We had a go at making our own corn flour by grinding corn on rocks, tried making fire using wood and flint and even attempted to spear our own woolly mammoth! After lunch, we had a quick explore of the grounds too, finding old building ruins and a strange bell which still worked; it was very loud!