Year 3 Class - 3G - Spring - 2018 - 2019

Welcome to Class 3G
Our Teacher is Mr Greaves and our teaching assistant is Miss Mills.
Some important notes:
Our PE lessons are on Tuesday
Our Dance lessons are on Friday
Homework goes out on a Monday and is due back on the Friday
Parents: Please try to read at home with your child every night, even for just 5-10minutes and then sign their home reading record. It really does make a massive difference!
We will be making a big push on our spellings this year and there will be some words to learn every week with our homework.
If you're up for an extra challenge, how many of these Year 3 and 4 words can you learn before the end of the year?
Collective Worship
We began our Spring term with a Collective Worship, using the New Year to think about how we could make small changes in our lives. Some of us had ideas like sharing smiles, looking after brothers and sisters, trying to be healthier or reading a bit more at home. Lovely suggestions! New Year resolutions are hard to keep, but we spoke about the importance of giving it our all and to keep on going even if things are hard.
Maths - Mass
Our new topic is 'Mass' so we started off by getting the scales out and having a go at weighing and measure different objects around the classroom.
Geography - Mountains
We're well on the way with our Geography topic on 'What makes the Earth angry' - a topic all about volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains and everything in between. Today, we looked at the different mountains in the British Isles, finding the highest peak in each country and comparing them to Mt Everest. We then explored Snowdon in great detail on OS maps to find features using 4 figure grid references.
Maths - Volume
Volume is our next topic so as part of our first week, we had a go practising reading different volumes in measuring jugs and cylinders. Some of the volumes we had to measure needed a lot of accuracy, but that was no challenge to us! We also had a go using different scales when measuring millimetres like 10s, 100s and 200s.
PE - football
We've started learning football this half term and developing our dribbing skills by going around cones as well as our passing by aiming at targets along the ground. As well as this, we've tried to bring in these skills to our games, focusing on passing to team mates and dribbing around the opposition. 
Special note: Both Mr Baker and Miss Mills have said how impressed they have been with how we stopped playing at times to make sure our team mates were ok before continuing. What amazing team work in Year 3!
We read every day in class 3G and always love listening to each other read books whenever we can - no matter what genre of book it is!
Science - Testing rocks
Our next Science topic is on 'Rocks and Soils'
After finding out that there are hundreds of different types of rock, we were challenged to find out which one would be the best for making a new statue. We decided that any statue would have to last a long time so it would need to be durable and resistant to damage. We tested our rocks using sandpaper to find the most durable rock and then used different liquids and acids to find which was the most resistant.
Collective Worship - Community
Today, we shared a Collective Worship on communities to focus on a scripture we had read in our RE topic. In it, St Paul talked about how all people are different and yet they should all work together as one. We had a quiet moment to think about what our gifts were and how we could use them to support one another and make our school community a happier and better place.
Science - Permeability test
We learned what permeability meant (how much water can pass through) and set about testing different soils to see which one was the most and which was the least permeable. We found that sandy and rocky soils were more permeable whilst normal, organic soils absorbed more water instead. Who knew?
We had to rely on careful timing and accurate measuring for this investigation so plenty of maths work going on too.
Dance competition - sneak preview
Rehearsals for the St John Bosco Dance Competition are well under way now and we've been working hard on our new dance. We don't want to spoil it too much, but here's a little peak at the start...
Safer Internet Day - Consent
We took time to talk about all the different social media and communication platforms we use at home - from messengers to Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+ and online games. We talked about how we talk to lots of our friends and family on them, but can sometimes end up talking to others and strangers too and how we handle that.
Consent is the key word; knowing that we have the power to say yes or no online to keep ourselves safe. Things like blocking unknown people, setting accounts to private, asking parents to help and ignoring people can all keep us safe and are all things we have the power to do.
To finish our Geography topic with a bang, we took some of the amazing volcanoes made by our classmates out onto the yard for an afternoon of making them overflow with lava! The volcanoes looked so realistic that it was almost a shame to make them explode, but the effect was brilliant and we even had an audience of Y1 and Reception who came out to watch. Don't worry, we got lots of photos beforehand for you to look through:
Design and Technology - Cooking
We made some delicious bread and butter puddings as part of our D&T topic. We had to follow a recipe precisely and work together carefully to get them done in time, but they came out fantastically and surprisingly without much mess either! The best thing about them was that what we made was a healthier version of the pudding too plus they were really tasty!
Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is the day before Lent starts on Ash Wednesday. The name Shrove comes from the old middle English word 'Shriven' meaning to go to confession to say sorry for the wrong things you've done. Lent always starts on a Wednesday, so people went to confessions on the day before. This became known as Shriven Tuesday and then Shrove Tuesday.


The other name for this day, Pancake Day, comes from the old English custom of using up all the fattening ingredients in the house before Lent, so that people were ready to fast during Lent. The fattening ingredients that most people had in their houses in those days were eggs and milk. A very simple recipe to use up these ingredients was to combine them with some flour and make pancakes!

Ash Wednesday
There was a special afternoon today as Deacon Eddie came into school to help us share the importance of Ash Wednesday, where we begin the period of Lent. His words to us were, "Remember that Jesus loves you" which helped give us the confidence to make positive changes in our lives like we had spoken about in our R.E. lessons.
Spelling Shed
We got to try a new gaming website today - all about spelling! As soon as we saw that there was a leader board, there was no stopping us trying to beat our friends and reach the #1 in the class. So far we're top in the school, but can we get top in the country? That's the goal!
Parents will receive a copy of the login on parents evening to keep safe. Spellings are set by Mr Greaves and they link in to what they're currently learning in class - let them spell away and have fun!
Roman Britain
Our History topic is all about Roman Britain, carrying on from learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. We explored a range of Roman artefacts this week (touching, feeling and even smelling) to help us learn more about what life was like back in 55AD. Some of them were very obvious, but some were extremely tricky and left us a bit confused although some great theories were discussed. See if you can work them all out.
World Book Day
Some absolutely amazing costumes came in to our class room today. Great creativity and use of props. We couldn't possibly pick a favourite one to share, so here's everyone instead!
Science - Investigating forces
We started off our topic on 'Forces and magnets' with investigating pulling forces. By pulling a brick across different surfaces, we measured the force needed to make it move using a Newton meter. This was a new skill and needed lots of practise and accuracy to make sure we were measuring correctly.
Science - Exploring friction
After learning about pulling forces, we set our sights on friction. It was a great excuse to build different ramps with different surfaces and let cars race down them! We made sure to time how long each car took so we could work out which surface made the car travel slower - had the most friction.
Art - Coco Chanel hats
Whilst learning about different European artists, we explored some of the creative and unique hats designed by Coco Chanel. We had a go at using only paper sculpting techniques to design and create our own hats. Some aimed for style and creativity whilst others tried to build the tallest, free-standing hats possible. Either way, they were amazing!