Year 3 Class - 3G - Summer - 2018 - 2019

Welcome to Class 3G
And welcome back for our Summer term. Our Teacher is Mr Greaves and our teaching assistant is Miss Mills.
Some important notes:
Our PE lessons are on Tuesday
Our Dance lessons are on Friday
Homework goes out on a Monday and is due back on the Friday
Parents: Please try to read at home with your child every night, even for just 5-10minutes and then sign their home reading record. It really does make a massive difference!
We will be making a big push on our spellings this year and there will be some words to learn every week with our homework.
If you're up for an extra challenge, how many of these Year 3 and 4 words can you learn before the end of the year? Not long left to go!
Online learning
We've signed up to two amazing websites to help our learning, but also to have lots of fun with!
The first one is:
And will really improve our times tables knowledge.
The second one is:
Which will have spellings set weekly by Mr Greaves to learn and play with which tie in to what we're learning in class.
RE - Pentecost
We've been learning about Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came down and filled the hearts of the disciples. Although we found out a great deal about what happened and why, as well as finding out what our gifts were, there were still some tough questions we had.
Who better to ask than Fr Dominic who kindly took the time to come in and answer all of our questions. Some were very challenging!
Roman History - Chester trip
To finish off our topic on Roman Britain, we spent the day in Chester - an old Roman city. The first part of our day involved following around a Roman soldier in full battle gear, marching through the streets, chanting in Latin and learning about fighting formations. After that, we headed into the museum to see real archaeological digs, artefacts and evidence left behind by the Romans.
Local History - The Marvelous Mersey
Our new History topic will be spent exploring the history of the Mersey; when the river was formed, who created Liverpool as a city, who designed and build the Albert Dock and how the river has changed over time.
A fascinating topic with lots to find out!
Today, we looked at different types of evidence for how the Docks were affected by the bombing in WWII - news reports, images and eye witness reports.
Maths - Time
Time! The next topic for maths, but one which is a lot of fun as we get to use mini analogue clocks and practise our time reading skills. It was tricky to start off with, but we're well into the swing of things now; converting digital to analogue, minutes past, minutes to and we'll also look at 24h time shortly.
So now when our teachers say there's only 10 minutes left, we'll know how to check!
Science - Plants
To finish our Science topic on plants, we had an afternoon dissecting real ones! We had learned all of the parts, but now had to match up the parts to what we could find ourselves. Some of the smaller parts such as the ovary or the style were trickier, but we've never let hard work stop us before!
We made beautiful collages to show examples of the parts and shared these with the rest of the class.
Messy morning
What an amazing morning we've had! Our parents and families came in to help us with our messy morning as we worked through our DT project - making fancy pencil cases! Have a look at some of our pictures to see how we made them and what the finished projects looked like.
Messy morning
We spent a day in the sun last week visiting Formby Beach. We investigated the materials and objects on and around the shore through scavenger hunts and explored the dunes and the vegetation found there. Of course we found time to build enormous sand dunes and have races through the sand too! Brilliant day and plenty of interesting shells discovered.
Art - Bodies
Our next Art topic is on 'Bodies' where we're looking at artists and sculptors like Julian Opie and Henry Moore who used the human figure as their inspiration. Today, we created our own interesting body forms on the playground using chalk outlines. We then drew our own Julian Opie inspired art work using big, bold colours, dark outlines and very little detail.
Walton Hall Gardens
We had an amazing trip to Walton Hall Gardens this week. The weather was beautiful and bright and we spent the whole day exploring the grounds, playing games, climbing trees and visiting the animals - special note to the peacocks and donkeys! The Year 4 classes joined us there too and there was plenty of friendly competition between the two year groups. We didn't actually want to leave when it was time to go, but will definitely be planning a return trip!
We've spent the last few weeks learning the names of different animals and fruits as well as continuing to practise our greetings. There's been plenty of games and activities to help us remember them and we've been testing each other in class too!
To finish off our Art topic on 'Bodies', we first made some maquettes - 3D paper models to practise our designs. We then used wires and masking tape to create amazing, 3D, free standing sculptures of figures in different positions. The best part of them is that they're flexible and can be moved again. They came out amazing with bright colours for the heads, just like Julian Opie - the artist we studied.
Industry week
We've been lucky to have had different people come in to talk to us this week about the jobs they do. We had Kate the nurse who came to tell us all about what she does, why she does it and what skills you need to do it. We had so many questions to ask and realised just how important nurses are to keeping our hospitals running smoothly and how they keep us alive and healthy.
We also had some firefighters arrive with all their equipment in their fire engine! We had a go spraying out water from their fire hose, tried on protective helmets and heard the sirens in full blast! They also chatted to us about how you become a firefighter and what skills you need to be good at the job.