Year 5 Class - 5E - Autumn - 2018 - 2019

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Things to remember;
Our dance day is Tuesday.
Our PE day is Wednesday.
Please make sure P.E kits stay in school all week. Tracksuits will be needed shortly as the weather starts to get a bit colder!
Homework is given out on Monday and should be returned completed on a Friday. Each week there will be a Maths and an English task connected to the work we will be doing in class that week. 
Spellings can be practised every night using the look, say, cover, write, check method. And times tables can be practised with speed and accuracy sheets.
These skills are very important as we prepare for Year 6! 
Please also try to read every night! Children who read every night and bring their reading records in every day will be rewarded with certificates and book marks as they progress up our reading ladder. 
We appreciate all of your time and help and hope to make lots of progress and have lots of fun this year!
Mr Edwards 
DT - Building Bridges
In DT we have been building bridges. We researched different types of bridges before looking at strategies for making them strong.
We then tried to make our own using some of the techniques that we had learnt. Our bridges were very strong. The top one was able to hold 10.55kg of weight.
Art Week
We have been using different line and linear drawing techniques to sketch some of Frida Kahlo's pictures of monkeys. 
Before we did so we tried out a  number ofdiffferent pencil types to see which ones gave the best effect.

After sketching our monkeys we used different coiling techniques to make 3D monkey models.

Here are some of our final designs.
Science Week - Forces
We have been looking at how much fiction our shoes make on different surfaces around the school. 
We found out that the wooden floor in the corridor made the most friction.
Ink Drawing in Mandarin
This week during our Mandarin lessons we have been exploring some traditional ways of writing using ink and parchment paper.
History Week 
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In History we have been studying World War 2 and how it broke out. We have discussing how we might have felt at the outbreak of the war as well as looking at how different sources of information help us to understand what happened.
Remembrance Day 2018


We have been learning all about World War 2 in our History topic. As part of Remembrance Day we have focused on writing letters to the soldiers that fought so bravely for our freedom.  

Judaism with Jeremy
This week we enjoyed a visit from Jeremy who told us all about the Passover meal that is celebrated in memory of Moses freeing the Jewish people from Egypt. 
He told us how each part of the meal tells a different part of the story and all the preparations that are made for the special meal.
Computing Unplugged
We have been learning about computer algorithms by doing some unplugged activities. We had to give each other instructions to get around a maze and to draw different patterns. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds.
African Music
Human Sundial
We have been on the playground seeing if we can tell the time using our shadows.
Earth And Space
We made a scale model of the Solar System on the playground using toilet paper.
One sheet was equal to 20 million miles and we had to use 225 sheets.
Finding Wales and Argentina
We have been finding out about why some people from Wales decided to move across the Atlantic Ocean to Argentina.
Visit from Parliament
Rachael Dodgson from the Houses of Parliament and Dan Carden our local MP came in to teach us about how laws are made in our country. We had a debate workshop where were debated 'banning homework' just like real politicians. 

Self Portraits
At the start of every year we draw our self portraits in our sketch book. 
We were all really impressed at how much our art skills have developed over the the last year.